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  1. missy26

    What did you do before nursing?

    Before nursing I worked @ Wendy's for a really long time and went to school for Medical Assisting. I then worked as a Medical Assistant for about 2 years in a fairly large doctor's office while planning on going back to school for the LPN and then RN nursing degrees. I did both within a 5 year apan
  2. missy26

    I Got the Job Offer Today!

    are you guys new school nurses, or do you experience in peds already? Just curious. I would like to be a school nurse but here everyone wants experience.
  3. missy26

    How do you get into school nursing

    Thankyou. I didn't think of checking what the board requirements were.
  4. missy26

    How do you get into school nursing

    Thank guys!
  5. missy26

    Overnight Shift if Newly Pregnant?

    Thank you. Were you also new to nights or were most of the nurses new to nights?
  6. missy26

    How do you get into school nursing

    Thanx lol. Yes I sorry for the confusion I meant working as a school nurse. Done with nursing school and whanted to know if anyone can give insight on how to land a job as a school nurse with no peds experience of if people are seeing that those are the requirements nowadays.
  7. missy26

    How do you get into school nursing

    Hello, I just wanted to know if someone could give me advice on how to get into school nursing? When I first graduated, it was easier to do so, but now everyone wants peds experience. I want thinking of doing home care as a peds nurse first since I can't get an interview in school nursing but just wanted to know if anyone had some insight. Thanx
  8. Hello, I have been working as a nurse for a little over a year with my ADN. I just got my BSN and started applying at hospitals again. I worked @ 1 palliative care acute hospital on 8 hr days. I just found out I'm pregnant and since I just started applying to hospitals again, I know most likely I'll be put on nights. It could be 8 or 12 hr shifts, depends on if and when I get hired. I'm only 6 weeks and I know it would be awhile before being put on nights so I would be past my first trimester where I feel like icky all the time. My question is I'm not used to nights and I'm also pregnant(first time). Would working nights be a good idea? I also am aware that in only in the first trimester, so nothing is guaranteed. Thanks!
  9. I started my BSN 2 mths after I passed the NCLEX. I was already looking for jobs but didn't get one until 1 mth after I started theBSN. My program was completely online so I didnt have to travel, but it still took up time. Anyways, RN-BSN is nowhere nearly as stressful as straight RN so you should definitely work. And, once you finish you'll be much more marketable because you'll have experience AND a BSN. So go for it. And if you work 12 hour shifts you will have plenty of time to do schoolwork, or if you don't feel comfortable, work p/t first. If you can't find anything part time, you should still be ok.
  10. missy26

    What was your first job after school?

    I was an LPN before an RN, and an MA. In both jobs I worked in doctor's offices, so even though I only had my ADN-this helped me. I got an offer a few months after my boards-one in an OB/GYN practice. I turned it down and worked with patients whom were developmentally disabled living in residential homes. They didn't need much-I just had to make sure their meds were taken(other staff gave the meds and some patients could do it themselves)and I also followed up on all doctor's appt-so I made sure we had all results that were ever done. I also if they were ill or injured. I liked it but I was on call 24/7 and one of the assistant director's of the homes was new and would call me constantly even when he knew I was on my way. I turned down the OB/GYN practice because it was far from home. Soon after, I had 2 more offers-one in assisted living and one in an acute palliative care hospital-considered med/surg and working days. Although I am no longer at the hospital(very sad place to work, and my mother and grandfather passed from cancer in a close time frame) I just want to show you that eve though you have your ADN you can still get jobs. If at first you apply to many hospitals and don't hear back for maybe 2 mths-take what you can and continue applying. Any experience is better than none-same goes for income. Also, see if you can get resume and cover letter critiquing through your school where it is free. And go to job fairs. I found the assisted living at my school's job fair-even though I didn't take it-you can makeconnections.
  11. missy26

    2 Job Offers-Any Advice Welcome

    Hello, I graduated last year and have experience in acute palliative care and post op eye surgery. Both jobs were a little far but no traffic due to the times I had to report for work. I now have 2 offers- both in offices. One is ob/gyn temp-perm but they said they pretty much always hire everyone as long as they are on time and don't use phones. I'm pretty anal about being late and I'll just put my phone in my bag if anything. This job pays more than any job-it's very competitive pay-more than the hospital job where I did palliative care but it's also a long day-9 hrs with 1 hr lunch and it's about 45 min away with traffic. This is a dr's office- so 5 days a week.i honestly don't know the job duties but I will find out today and it is a big growing company with many specialities and offices. I know anyone who reads this will say oh well it's temp To perm but it's a pretty good chance I'll end up being perm. the other job is extremely interesting. it's also an office, it's close by about 15 min(that's important to me,because I haven't found anything in my local area) it's an infertility clinic where I'll have many different duties, including helping with biopsies, inserting embryos,and light sonograms-just cking follicles and the lining of the uterus. P/t to start, pays a lot less, private small practice, with a recovery room which I really like. I really want RR experience. 1 con- I will have to work sat and Sunday sometimes due to women's cycles-depending on certain cases which I will know I guess at the beginning of the week. 1 doctor and then an embryologist. People seem very nice, but you never know.I guess the answer was just written but I wanted opinions. Also I am planning on moving in the future-next yr sometime so I'm not worried about a small practice closing or things of that nature. and I am a little worried about distance and snow I just feel that I don't know if I should dismiss this opportunity due to the pay-the obgyn- but I will be honest-I'd rather be happy than get a lot of money.
  12. I have a question for all of those nurses who stuck it out in a hospital for at least one year mostly because we were told that it was necessary in order to land your dream job later on. If you moved on to a different position-was it after you stayed in the hospital for 1 year even though you didn't really want to? Or did some of you not stay in the hospital for 1 year and found your dream job before that?
  13. Hi everyone, I graduated with my ADN 12/13. Can't find a hospital job for the life of me. Anyways, I got offered a job at a home for disabilities where will oversee non-nursing staff, but I won't perform any nursing skills. My orientation starts Monday, so I actually accepted the job-which is part time. Now I have an interview tomorrow with a clinic that does surgical procedures once a wk. and it's f/t. The first place is about 15 min from my house. The second one is about 30-40 min with about $5 in tolls I will pay everyday. Both are 8 hr shifts. The 1st place has really nice people, although I will be on call 24/7-but it looks like maybe 10 calls mth-I don't actually have to go to the facility when called each time depending on the situation. I obviously haven't been hired yet @ the other place but what happens if they offer me the job. By theway, I applied to the f/t job before I knew about the p/t one-they just took forever to contact me. Help!!!!
  14. missy26

    Walden vs GCU

    Hello everyone I'm trying to decide b/t Gcu and walden. eventually I want to double up classes. Gcu is every 5 wks w/ no break, walden is 12 wks w/ 1 wk break. anyone have any opinions that have been to either of these schools? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thankyou.
  15. missy26

    Not a good time to change jobs?

    Hello everyone, I'm an lpn due to graduate as an rn this december with an associates. I've been an lpn for 4 yrs. and a medical assistant for 2 yrs. prior. All my experience is at a dr's office. Anyways my mom just passed away and I will be starting school in a couple of wks. My current job is getting really old to me, I've been wanting to leave for a long time. It's disorganized, my manager yells @ me for stuff I didn't do but is nonconfrontational with others, and the morale there is really low because we feel like no one cares about us. I applied to a bunch of nursing homes perdiem and finally had one place call me back but the timimng was bad, my mom was on her deathbed. After she passed I left messages for hr and the don saying this wasn't a good time and I said the reason why, but now I feel like I ost a great oppurtunity. The thing is I will be starting my last semester of rn school in a few wks. and I would be leaving people behind whom I feel comfortable with. Also my friend keeps saying "oh working in a nursing home is so har" which I believe, but I want to do something more. At my job I feel like I'm not really doing anything productive. Also the place I want to work at has a lower nurse to pt ratio and is known as a good place to work. Keep in mind this would be a totally new atmosphere for me. Advice please. And I would be working there as an lpn per diem.
  16. missy26

    Trying to Get an LPN JOB At a Nursing Home

    Well, I can get anywhere in Rockland, but I'm limited to Rockland. But I wonder why no one's even calling me. I mean I'm just asking for a per diem job so I honestly thought it would be easy. This week I'm going to actually walk into two of the nursing homes I applied to. Any suggestions on that? Also, I specifically only asked for weekend hours. Do you think that could be limiting me?