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Overnight Shift if Newly Pregnant?


Hello, I have been working as a nurse for a little over a year with my ADN. I just got my BSN and started applying at hospitals again. I worked @ 1 palliative care acute hospital on 8 hr days. I just found out I'm pregnant and since I just started applying to hospitals again, I know most likely I'll be put on nights. It could be 8 or 12 hr shifts, depends on if and when I get hired. I'm only 6 weeks and I know it would be awhile before being put on nights so I would be past my first trimester where I feel like icky all the time. My question is I'm not used to nights and I'm also pregnant(first time). Would working nights be a good idea? I also am aware that in only in the first trimester, so nothing is guaranteed. Thanks!

NicuGal, MSN, RN

Specializes in NICU, PICU, PACU. Has 30 years experience.

Lots of us worked nights while pregnant. Just make sure to stay hydrated, eat protein packed snacks, and make your room

sleep friendly.

Thank you. Were you also new to nights or were most of the nurses new to nights?

NicuGal, MSN, RN

Specializes in NICU, PICU, PACU. Has 30 years experience.

A bunch of us went to nights when were pregnant for a deal on a set schedule. It was also less crazy and a little easier to be off your feet for a little bit. And when you are pregnant you can sleep anywhere anytime...never had a problem sleeping lol

I am going on my 2nd pregnancy and I am on midnights. I am also in my first trimester and I wouldn't change it for the world because I feel like crap during the day so all I want to do is sleep anyway and I feel best at night. If your anything like most pregnancy women, you will develop insomnia in your 3rd trimester because your body is getting used to staying up all night with a new baby, so midnights may work out! I do start to feel nauseated towards the end of my shift but as long as I snack every couple of hours and drink water I am good. My facility mandates us midnight nurses over into day shift and there's noway in hell I could do that right now being pregnant so I am getting a doctors note for that but I also have a few minor pregnancy complications. Hope this helps!

I worked nights with all my pregnancies. It wasn't a big deal. I didn't feel any worse than when I wasn't pregnant (expect for the usual nausea and tiredness which happens regardless of which shift you work).

The hardest thing about working nights to me, honestly, was working after the babies came and trying to have a steady nursing schedule. When then babies started sleeping through the night, I'd still end up having to pump at work, which would mess me up on the nights I was home.

It all worked out, though. I made it through many years of pregnancy and nursing while working nights. If it is important enough to you, you can make it work!