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BSNbeDONE specializes in Med/Surg, LTACH, LTC, Home Health.

LPN for 24 years prior to obtaining an ASN degree from Excelsior College in April 2010. Passed NCLEX-RN in June 2010. Completed the BSN with degree conferral in October 2014.

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  1. BSNbeDONE

    Are anti-vaccine people conspiracy theorists generally?

    So your personal experience is more important than mine. Got it! I'm done here!
  2. BSNbeDONE

    Are anti-vaccine people conspiracy theorists generally?

    There again, I am going by what they said and if they want to get tested, it is their right. I have never told them NOT to get the flu shot. I do not force my beliefs on anyone else. My whole argument is that this mandate in impeding on MY rights. If you guys want to take the flu shot or any other vaccination for that matter, knock yourselves out. But why do you have to force someone else to get on your bandwagon? That is all that I am saying. Not everyone has the same train of thought as healthcare workers and there are many laypersons that are healthier than healthcare providers. So why the mandate? Most people know how to take care of themselves. In my opinion, people are too quick to pop a pill or a needle for any little thing that pops up. I don't suffer from anxiety. But I see no one forcing me to take Xanax as a prevention because of its effectiveness, in order to keep a grip on the stressors of acute care nursing. People have rights. Who are you or I or anyone to choose what rights get taken away? Do any ONE of you guys argue or debate with your patients about this injection the way that it is done among nurses? I'm certain you do not. You simply do your required patient teaching, give them the handouts, and leave the decision to accept or refuse up to them. But you do not have that same respect for your colleagues. The % of effectiveness is the same for the healthcare providers as it is for the lawyer, or the judge, or the President, or the governor, or any other non-healthcare individual. But no one forces this vaccine on them. Go figure... For me, it is all about the RIGHT TO CHOOSE. How dare any of you look negatively on anyone who has a different opinion than yourselves? Nothing about healthcare is fool-proof. This flu vaccine debate is among healthcare professionals only, I'm sure, because everyone else can refuse the darn thing, without debate or discussion. If I get a 60-ish% on any one of my nursing courses, it is an automatic failure. It is the same in all of our educational systems in this country. If a school has a 60% NCLEX success rate, students tend to look elsewhere. So, why are we so onboard with this as an acceptable result for MANDATORY administration? If you want to give or receive it, do so. But to MANDATE it when these percentages are rarely acceptable in most all other aspects of our lives is rather hypocritical to me.
  3. BSNbeDONE

    Are anti-vaccine people conspiracy theorists generally?

    So now, you are suggesting that what I an seeing is not happening in my own family and that I go against my mom's wishes by reconsidering having her injected with something that she has refused since they developed this stuff? What happened to being a patient advocate? What if I suggest that you and your family STOP taking it because taking this one doesn't prevent the flu; they simply HOPE that it does? Will you reconsider your viewpoint? What makes what you think about this more important than what I think about it? Because they tested people? Do you know any of the participants? Or are you simply taking their word because of course, they are people and they would not deceive you in any manner? If you are embarrassed that I have a mind of my own and will NEVER agree to EVERYTHING that is presented as evidenced, that is YOUR RIGHT. Anyone can see that what is evidence today, can turn out to be BS tomorrow. I had the flu ONCE in my 52 years on this earth and it was more than 20 years ago. I have been blessed to not be on any medications for anything. So something that I'm doing must be right. Something about what I think must be on the money because it has worked well for me for years without the flu vaccine. If you come to my home, you will not even find any OTC meds here. So, I stand my ground that I resent anyone deciding to force anything on a select few. I feel that we as a whole should be embarrassed as a profession to be pushed over so much as to allow them to force this all-important vaccine ONLY on us.
  4. BSNbeDONE

    Are anti-vaccine people conspiracy theorists generally?

    Here's my $.02. I'm not against the flu vaccine. I'm against being forced to take it by holding my job over my head. If the vaccine is ‘that' important, then pass the necessary laws to make EVERYONE take it, including the garbage man and the Wal-Mart volunteer. Every single year, I watch my dad and brothers get that injection and later suffer for a week or two with the flu. Every single year, I go to check on them to see how they're doing and if they need anything, yet I remain flu-free. Here lately, I've been forced to take the shot or find another job. Why are people so eager to take away another's right to choose? As a patient, I can refuse life-saving measures. As a healthcare worker, I can refuse this same life-saving measures, but not that darn 60-ish %-effective flu vaccine??? In my family, the flu vaccine is 100% INEFFECTIVE. But it is their right to have it. As a nurse in this same family, I don't have the right to NOT have it. THAT is what I have a problem with!! Thank God for a strong immune system. I, as my mom's caregiver, do not allow anyone to give her the flu vaccine because she was refusing it when she was making her own decisions. As a dependent now with all of her chronic illnesses (DM, HTN, etc), she has YET to contract the flu. I respect the work that the CDC does. But they are JUST people who are not above making mistakes like the rest of us. Every single patient that I've had who refused the vaccine, did so because they said they got the flu a week later. So, they exercise their right to refuse. Do you guys tell them that the vaccine did what it was supposed to do? That we ‘gave' them the flu at a charge so that they couldn't go out and catch it for free? This point of view may upset some of you. But this has been and continues to be my eye-witness experience every year that members of my family ‘choose' to take that injection. The flu vaccine is not effective on everyone, and it doesn't know which of its recipients wear scrubs. So why MANDATE everyone in healthcare to take it? Because you can??? What other rights will we handover to the powers-that-be?
  5. BSNbeDONE

    What's in-and-out?

    I'm inclined to believe that the In-and-Out was due at 1400 (2:00 p.m.) perhaps(?) Usually, if the amount in the bladder exceeds a certain amount, but far less than 1400ml, the physician would order that the catheter remain in place. So, take another (closer) look at the order.
  6. BSNbeDONE

    Albany pediatrics PCS

    I've never been to New York; so I can comment on what they may or may not have. What I will say is that, for the hand-washing stations, if you're not sure what to do, wash your hands at each station. Better to have too much than not enough. I sanitized and washed every time I reached an opportunity. I failed my first PCS, but it sure as heck wasn't for having dirty hands. The things I did overkill on was knocking, washing, and identifying...can never have too much of 'em. Good luck!
  7. BSNbeDONE

    Old Dog, New Tricks

    I just started a new position two months ago. It was definitely a culture shock. Everyday, I start my shift with either OMG!, or WT*!, or D***!!!, or I'm completely speechless! I had been trying for YEARS to get on at this place. I would return to my previous position but my tail is too short to tuck and if I dropped down to my knees to crawl back, there'd be no way I'd ever get up off the floor.
  8. BSNbeDONE

    Butte lvn-rn

    I doubt you'd find info about one college under another college's thread. Maybe try posting under the tab 'U.S.' and selecting the state that houses Butte College for a more narrowed response, hopefully. You might try posting under the General Nursing Student category, as well. (Also, you can always call the nearby hospitals in the area and ask someone in the education department if they have students from that college in clinicals there). Of course, the Admins can always move your post to a more relative category as well. Good luck to you in your studies!
  9. BSNbeDONE

    Please can you help me.

    In reading your other post, this form is clearly a review of the areas in which you were below the passing level during your NCLEX attempt. You'd receive better advice if you come right out and say, "hey, I failed the NCLEX and this is what I need help in. Can you help me understand what I must do next"? As it stands, you probably won't get the answers that you need, which I'm sure we have, because you won't say exactly what you need help with or why. We are only speculating at this point, and we could be so far off base with the advice we provide. I responded to your other post. So, my final answer based on what I 'think' you need is to search for your nearest NCLEX-RN refresher/review course.
  10. I'm guessing someone wants you to review each course pertaining to your areas of weakness as indicated by a failed NCLEX candidate performance record. Are you in/from the United States? Is this part of that form that you uploaded on your other post? Have you taken and failed the NCLEX? If so, you need to review (audit) each section that the report indicates that you were below or near passing level.
  11. BSNbeDONE

    LVN to RN Program

    It certainly was for me. For you, it depends first and foremost on the BON of the state you plan to practice in. Secondly, your success will be based largely on how motivated and dedicated you are to online learning. There will be absolutely no one except for yourself to hold you accountable to attending class or studying for an exam. If taking the examination route, your success in this program will be based solely on how well you are at self-teaching. These are just a few questions where the answers will determine if you are compatible with Excelsior College.
  12. BSNbeDONE

    Please can you help me.

    I'm sorry. We can't help you with this. The list are things that you need to actually experience, such as the section for medication administration. You have to actually do hands-on medication administration. I suggest you take your form to your instructor and explain that there are things on the list that you have not had a chance to experience and ask if he or she would modify your clinical rotation so that you can experience these areas and properly have the form completed by the nurses who are showing you these different things.
  13. BSNbeDONE

    Please can you help me.

    If you are looking for a preceptor, I'm pretty sure this will need to be done in person.
  14. BSNbeDONE

    Please can you help me.

    Are you looking for a preceptor or the like? This looks like one of the orientation checklists from a previous employer...only it was unit-specific and required the new-hire to be signed off on the different areas by a preceptor once completed.
  15. BSNbeDONE

    FCCA 274A

    Good luck!
  16. BSNbeDONE

    Microbiology Exam

    I had to read and read and re-read just to retain even the slightest bit of information that I had no interest in. In those situations, I did a lot of word associations to link answers with questions. Hey, what can I say? It worked ;-)

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