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BSNbeDONE has 35 years experience as a ASN, BSN, LPN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg, LTACH, LTC, Home Health.

LPN for 24 years prior to obtaining an ASN degree from Excelsior College in April 2010. Passed NCLEX-RN in June 2010. Completed the BSN with degree conferral in October 2014.

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  1. BSNbeDONE

    GEORGIA preceptorship for RN Excelsior graduate

    I would suggest contacting Atrium Navicent Health (formerly Medical Center of Central Georgia) in Macon, Georgia, and ask to speak to someone in their education department. They precept nursing students from area colleges and have accepted Excelsior College students as well, based on availability. The hospital is located in Macon and is not too far from the BON office. Hopefully they can help you are point you in the right direction.
  2. BSNbeDONE

    Coping with the Death of a Fellow Nurse

    I’m very sorry to hear of your coworker’s situation. Before I began typing, I skimmed over the past 35 years to see who may have held such a position in my heart, and could only think of one coworker whom I allowed to become a friend to somewhat of the magnitude of what you’re describing. When she died, I was hurt. But as far as a “coworker”, I relate more to what Sour Lemon has said. Of course, I sympathize with the sickness of anyone that I know, coworker or not. But emotional attachments on the job is not something I partake in...probably because I’m an introvert by nature. I do wish you all the best in this situation, as well as that of your coworker and her family.
  3. BSNbeDONE

    Capella vs WGU

    This is good information to those who are interested in such things. I never have been. I prefer the behind-the-scenes, unsung-hero scenario myself. My trophies are internal.😊
  4. BSNbeDONE

    Capella vs WGU

    Thank you!😊
  5. BSNbeDONE

    Capella vs WGU

    I am not surprised. My coursework has proceeded like clockwork. However, anything administratively should include feedback from more than one source, in my opinion. A colleague of mine who is beginning her BSN with Capella was reading the FLexPath rules when she said that I would never be allowed into any type of honors program as a FlexPath learner. I told her not to believe that, but she persisted with what "they" said...until I took pictures of the the Honors Invitation card and two follow-up letters from Capella requesting to know my intentions and reminding me of the deadlines for accepting these invitations and sent them to her. Now, I don't know if what she says pertains to the BSN program or all Capella programs or not, since I received my BSN 6-7 years ago. Honestly, I don't even care. I'm currently in the capstone area of the MSN program and, for the record, I have no interest in participating in any type of prestigious program......maybe if I was younger. But now at my age, my goal is to make myself more marketable for telework positions and solidify my income for retirement in the next very-few years...and hopefully make somewhat of a difference in the lives of care coordination recipients along the way.😉
  6. BSNbeDONE

    Happy New Year! What's Your New Year Resolution?

    My New Year’s resolution is to wrap up 2021 as quickly as possible! Tried 2020 for an entire year....didn’t work! Tried 2021 for 9 days...Let’s scrap it now and move to 2022!
  7. BSNbeDONE

    Being A Patient vs A Nurse

    I've not had your experience but would like to wish you a speedy and uneventful recovery. Focus on healing. The last thing you need is added stressors from nursing school....but yes, the possibilities are plentiful after receiving that RN license. For now, just relax, take notes, and add to the bucket list. 🙂
  8. BSNbeDONE

    Papers/Research only RN-BSN....

    Well, yes and no is my answer and here’s why I say this. I received my BSN from Excelsior College and to complete the general education portion of the BSN, I opted to test out of those courses that had that option so that I wouldn’t have to spend 16 weeks in one course writing papers and doing group projects. That may have changed now; so I can’t say. Although I didn’t receive my BSN through Capella University, there are threads on this site where some highly motivated students are completing the Capella BSN program in 9 weeks. You would need to check for yourself to be sure. Programs like Capella University and WGU which offer self-paced options are for the highly motivated because of the flexibility and the fact that self-paced options don’t have traditional classroom guidance or pre-determined deadlines, although they do offer resources like coaches, mentors, tutors, etc.,to help you meet your goals.
  9. BSNbeDONE

    Nurses make me sick

    I could have written this myself. I left facebook about 3-4 years ago, never had any of the other accounts, and even my linked-in account has so much dust on it that I'm being congratulated for time on a job that I haven't had in years. To be honest, I thought tik tok was some kind of timing challenge that these young folks are doing. But I do envy those folks who have that kind of time on their hands (before and/or after working 12+ hour shifts or the straight 8-5 Monday-Friday) and are able to show the world every single meal that they eat (Dang!! You got to eat today?!??!) and are willing to check in with said world for approval in every move that they make. That's how it was when I parted ways with social media. Obviously, it has progressed a bit. I have got to get out more.
  10. BSNbeDONE

    I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine 😞

    My manager told us in our morning meeting that the COVID vaccine is “currently not a condition of employment for now like the flu vaccine is”. She placed emphasis on the “for now”.
  11. BSNbeDONE

    Capella vs WGU

    I have completed ALL of the courses on 12/29/20...except the capstone. I’m working on arranging my preceptorship now so I can finally turn the page. Word of advice: make sure you know what you want to do before signing on the dotted line. I changed my specialization BEFORE my first class got started and listening to the advice I was given got me inadvertently thrown out of the university in early October and I had to threaten legal action to get this corrected. My academic coach was clueless in how to make the change and the system discarded me like yesterday’s trash. Other than that issue which subsequently affected my financial aid {which they are STILL trying to correct (since October)}, the program has gone beautifully! And today, I found out that I can do the capstone remotely because of the pandemic once my site and preceptor are approved. A couple of things to know: you need to ASK for a listing of sites that have worked with Capella before and you need to ASK if you can do the program remotely. They don’t volunteer ANY bit of information. These two questions were just random ideas that I figured would be rejected. I was shocked when they emailed me forms for remote practicum experiences in response to my inquiry.
  12. BSNbeDONE

    How hard is LPN school?

    Hi there! I think the level of difficulty is based on the individual learner. I found my LPN program to be far more difficult than the RN program simply because the LPN was my introduction into nursing. Twenty-four years and loads of experiences later, I found the RN program to be much easier (with a couple of close calls) because of the ‘dumping’ that was placed on me repeatedly during my LPN years. I acquired many skills that LPNs were not supposed to be ‘competent’ of having, and the knowledge that accompanied those skills. What I didn’t acquire was the pay and acknowledgment that went along with it. (Long story....back to the question at hand👀). The ease of learning unfamiliar subject matter depends on several factors: instructor’s teaching styles, student’s learning styles, academic weaknesses, motivation, moral support or lack thereof, distractions...you name it. If I had any influence over your decision, I would suggest the RN pursuit. Don’t get me wrong; I was very happy as an Acute Care LPN. But my life would have been so much different back then had I been able to walk through just a couple of those doors which remained closed to LPNs. Nursing school (LPN and RN) is hard and given the option, you would only want to do it one time. Good luck with your decision.
  13. BSNbeDONE

    For anyone considering Capella for an MSN...

    No. We have to find our own preceptors. But they do, upon request, provide you with a list of organizations that they’ve entered into affiliation agreements with in the past in your specified state. That list in for me was three pages long. I’m reaching out to more local organizations first, before deciding to hit the interstate or cross state lines. But if that’s what it takes, that’s what I’ll do...hey, it’s only for 100 hours (2 1/2 weeks). I can use a legitimate reason to break from cabin fever. Whether or not you pay someone depends on your level of desperation to get this done. I’m reaching out to personal professional contacts for names and sent emails out on Thursday before I left work. It helps that we all have the same ‘.gov’ professional email. I’ve built a rapport with quite a few disciplines since starting my new job and I now see that paying off. I’ve received at least one unsolicited personal phone number to link me to contacts in s sister-facility two hours from where I live. This is quite an accomplishment for an introvert such as myself.😁
  14. BSNbeDONE

    For anyone considering Capella for an MSN...

    Yes, I do. It’s been challenging to locate the preceptor. I have a facility, but have no names. But I’m patient because the bulk of the program is behind me.
  15. BSNbeDONE

    Passed NCLEX w over 100 q’s (2020)

    Back in 2010, it took the BON right under two months to process my application and release my ATT. I scheduled my exam as soon as I received that authorization. Graduated in April, fought with the BON in pretty-much all of May, and tested in June.
  16. BSNbeDONE

    For anyone considering Capella for an MSN...

    I’m done with all of the courses as if 12/29/20. Currently, I’m working on arranging my practicum experience. I watched a Youtube video where a former student completed her MSN in education track in 5 months. This is what guided my decision to go with Capella. After enrolling, I found out that my employer has a care coordination department, which is more aligned to my goals than the education track. Little did I know what that change would mean for my stress level. But the hardest part, as easy as it was, is over.