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I am a third year adult nurse on the degree course. I am looking into relocating to the US after a year of experience in the UK. As I grew up in New Jersey, visas are not an issue.

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  1. fbull

    gyn office

    Hello, I'm due to start a job in 2 weeks time in a gyn clinic. I'll be triaging, doing pre op assessments, and working in recovery. I've been researching the different types of procedures but was hoping to hear from someone with experience. Can anyone tell me the most common procedures performed in this setting? I'm not new to women's health-just this particular role. Also, if anyone can recommend any reading material I would be so grateful! Thank you for your help in advance.
  2. Hi NurseeDeeva! I'm not eligible for international agencies because I don't need sponsorship. I contacted one agency but they don't have any positions around NYC and the recruiter was quite rude which put me off! I'll keep researching agencies in the meantime though. Florence
  3. Hi tortuguita, I am in a similar position! Spent the last year and a half in primary care and now looking for jobs. I've been out of the hospital for about two years. I've applied for a few relevant jobs but not getting any responses. Did you have any luck? I also don't require sponsorship! I've included that on a cover letter but still am not hearing back. Although I'm looking in the NY area (I have a NY license), I would still appreciate any words of encouragement!
  4. fbull

    U.K. Nurse met US criteria

    Hi! In my first year of university we shared our modules with mental health nurses paeds nurses and midwives. We also had to complete assignments in each of the different branches to meet EU requirements. To be honest I was quite surprised I met the requirements because I had limited obs/gynae exposure. I had exposure to paediatrics in a dermatology placement.
  5. I am a UK Adult Nurse (qualified in 2013) and I have just met the requirements for US nursing (by the NY BON). From frequently reading UK to US nurses posts, I was convinced that I would never be able to work in the States. If it's qualifications you're concerned about, I would like this post to provide others who are feeling disheartened with some hope. Best of luck to everyone :)