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  1. Hourly vs Salary

    Looking for some feedback from my fellow nurses on being paid hourly vs being paid salary (based on 40 hours per week). Pros and cons? The position under consideration is a hospital position, M-F, no weekends. I have my own thoughts on salaried po...
  2. Hourly vs Salary

    Thanks for all of your thoughtful comments!
  3. Weird Question: Are All Hospital Nurses Wearing Scrub Caps Now?

    When my unit was a COVID unit, everyone wore one, even the guys, but a lot fewer are wearing them now. I find them much more comfortable when putting on and taking off N95s--I hate pulling my hair out.
  4. Is Anonymity Important to You?

    Anonymity is very important to those of us who work in at-will employment states. I try to be judicious in my comments, but my employer could let me go for any reason, or no reason at all, if they believed I was referring to them in a post. And som...
  5. How many unvaccinated coworkers are you aware of?

    That's interesting. Do you happen to have a source for that? I have met a couple of employees while administering vaccines who had some truly legit concerns over the vaccine, and I'd like to look into this further. I tend to think employers ...
  6. Unvaccinated: Indefensible

    I've met some loony, poorly-educated nurses, but this is really scary.
  7. How many unvaccinated coworkers are you aware of?

    I'm located in the Southeast. Our organization's deadline was last Wednesday, and there were a lot of grumbling, foot-dragging people who came in for a J&J on the 14th or 15th to be in compliance with the vaccine mandate. The good news is a lar...
  8. Burnt Out: Thinking of Leaving Hospice But Feeling Guilty

    Your company sounds horrible, honestly. If you want to stay in hospice, look for a company with dedicated admissions staff, overnight/weekend call staff and more than one physician (they exist, honestly!). Also look for companies that are not-for-p...
  9. PRN Nursing Benefits Questions

    It very much depends on what the employer is offering as benefits for PRN status. When I was PRN, I had no benefits at all, including 403b. My health insurance was through my husband's job. I left after a year and a bit because they were unwilling...
  10. New Grad Job Searching without Referrals?

    My first references were nursing instructors, can you get a couple that way? Also, the southeast is hiring, but you won't get anywhere close to $45/hour. Best of luck in your job search!
  11. Suicidal Ideation and Muscle Twitches - "I used to be so happy" | Case Study

    Vitamin B and Vitamin D levels genetic testing
  12. Concerned - New Grad from Excelsior

    None of our new grads are coming in with clinical experience due to COVID. Just apply. Everyone needs nurses right now with a good work ethic and some compassion.
  13. Leave my permanent job for a temp position?

    I've been working COVID vaccine clinics this Spring, and they are drying up, at least where I live. I have been called off every shift for the last 3 weeks. I'd be worried that you would be unemployed pretty quickly if you took a vaccinator job. I...
  14. My Experience of Trans Ideology and Nursing

    As a very wise teacher pointed out to me at one time, the only thing a child owns is his or her name. It's fundamental to our identity, and identity is still forming through our young years. Given the rate of suicide and attempted suicide among trans...
  15. Unit secretaries assigning patients to nurses??

    This has been a pet peeve of mine at my facility. We have unit receptionists who have been making assignments for a while. I don't think it's safe or legal, since only RNs can delegate to RNs, but I'm fighting a long tradition of letting unlicensed...
  16. The Honeymoon That Never Came

    That stinks, PTO should be yours to use as you wish. Check your manual and see if the hospital explicitly states that. If so, I would suddenly develop migraines... Even though we're short-staffed and management is not approving any planned PT...
  17. COVID Immunized Guilt

    No guilt here. I've spent almost a year on the frontlines with no extra pay, no special paid leave policies if I get sick, and no compliance in social distancing and mask wearing from the general public. We need this vaccine, and I'm contributing t...
  18. At age 45, would you start an RN program? Honest advice please

    I went to nursing school at 48 and finished at 50. Some days I regret my decision more than others. Although I find I enjoy my work most days, I don't always enjoy the circumstances under which I work. I would do it again only if I were convinced I...
  19. Covid-19 Bonus

    My employer just announced a COVID bonus to be paid in March. I'll be curious to see how much it is since it's going to everybody, even employees who've never taken care of a COVID patient. I think those of use who were coerced to work the COVID un...
  20. Nurse developing early osteoarthritis

    I always wear Brooks Adrenaline, but everyone's feet are different.
  21. Can't get covid at work

    I'm thinking about my colleague who ran into help a patient in respiratory distress, called a rapid response, and got COVID as a result a week later. We were working on a COVID unit, and she didn't have time to grab PPE. I've personally run in to g...
  22. New Grad COVID

    My experience as a nurse on a COVID med-surg unit is that our patients get sick incredibly fast, and newer nurses struggle with identifying that. You develop your 6th sense after your first year of nursing, and learn what to do about it. The first ...
  23. Med/Surg to ICU

    Change your FB settings! And best of luck on your decision. I think there is a lot to learn in med-surg in your second year, and taking on added responsibilities with your unit looks great on your resume.
  24. Will Protests Lead to More COVID Surges?

    My hospital (in a city where there have been many protests) is preparing for a surge by making all of the single occupancy covid rooms double occupancy. This is just a plan at this stage, but we're already experiencing a surge and have maxed out ava...
  25. Co worker

    Realistically, you know what you need to know. Management is aware of the problem, and has decided not to act on it, so they're not going to respond to your comments unless you have a much more serious incident involving patient safety. That leaves...