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  1. Pitocin 15units IV in 250mL LR. Begin a continuous infusion at the rate of 1 milliunit/min. What is the rate in ml/hr? NS 3000mL IV for 24h, limit total IV fluids to 3000mL daily, penicillin G potassium 1,000,000 units IV PB q4h in 100mL NS to run for 30 minutes. Drop factor is 10gtt/ml. Configure IVPB flow rate in gtt/min and IV primary flow rate in gtt/min. Anyone that can help me work through these problems would be greatly appreciated!
  2. lmh81

    Need help with math problems!

    I have nothing with these two! I dont know where to start.
  3. Can someone give me an example on ways to chart the following:Skin tents in 2 seconds. Heart rate is irregular and rapid at 105 BPM. Fingers and toes all Blanche in 2 seconds. Radial and dorsalis pedis pulses are regular. Receiving oxygen at 2L/min by nasal cannula.
  4. lmh81

    question about charting

    Thank you! We get assignments with different situations and we have to chart it. That's exactly how the assignment described it and I was unsure of those particular things. Obviously that is my first one and I really have no idea how to do it yet so thank you!

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