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  1. Just realized I had a typo in my title! Sorry.
  2. I am just curious if in the end of things, if it really matters if you graduated from a for-profit, private, or public college as long as it has the proper accredidation? Do employers care? I don't know if this is the right place for this question. :)
  3. Luckily the BSN program is ACEN accredited. I also don't plan on pursuing a master's degree, but since it is accredited I could go MSN if life pans out that way.
  4. I am currently enrolled in ECPI's RN program. Yes, it is expensive. But I am wondering what is the view of nurses that graduate from ECPI or other for-profit schools. Are they looked down upon? Not hired? Preferred? Doesn't matter? What about those who get their BSN from for-profit schools? Personally, I think it is a great way to bypass waiting lists and get started in your career. A license is a license. Right? Any opinions or experiences are welcome! :)
  5. hamdog

    Fauquier Hospital

    Are you still looking for information on Fauquier Health?
  6. The price to me is pretty reasonable after financial aid and scholarships. As for getting into a local CC, Ecpi simply has more seats and I'm tired of waiting despite having an excellent GPA. Its faster and I am ready to be done.
  7. I am currently considering enrolling in ECPI's (Manassas campus--brand new rn program) Registered Nursing program. I am tired of waiting around at community colleges to get in, despite having a great GPA. So my questions are, does your employer employ ECPI grades? Is it looked down on because it is a for profit school/trade school? Any thoughts/experiences are welcome. I feel as if this program may be harder than the other local ADN programs because it is extremely fast paced, and is not a just walk in, apply, and get in (like everyone seems to think) program. I just want to get all my facts straight before I make the plunge.
  8. I am looking into going into their RN program, and I see that some campuses are NLN accredited but I don't know if the Manassas one is. Do their credits transfer to other colleges? Experiences? thanks!
  9. Hi all, I am currently in my last semester before applying to Lord Fairfax Community College. Frankly, I am burnt out. So far I have maintained a 4.0 in all my pre-reqs, however, this semester, I just don't think I am gonna be able to pull off straight A's again. Right now I'm taking math (but math is developmental so it is ungraded, only pass or fail), developmental psychology, survey of chemistry, and anatomy and physiology 2. I expect A's in everything except A&P. I will probably get a B in that. So my question is, what was your GPA when you applied to nursing school? I wouldn't be worried about anything except, my school only counts the GPA from the last 12 credits you have taken when selecting applicants. This makes me feel like all my hard work in previous semesters is worthless. I am planning on applying to both my school's RN and LPN program. Also, as a side note: Do you think LPNs will be phased out? Can they be? I just would love to hear other people's experiences (especially if you are going to LFCC!). The school makes it seem as if everybody has a perfect 4.0 to get in, and that stresses me out ALOT! Thanks :)
  10. hamdog

    New job--charting issue?

    Thank you--I was thinking along the same lines and I definately do not want to get into trouble!
  11. hamdog

    New job--charting issue?

    Hi everyone! I am a CNA and just started my first job as one on third shift last night--I loved it! Anyways, the girl I was "shadowing" was showing me how to chart on the system and I just have a few questions. She would chart for behavior that she assumed was normal for the pt (even though she hadn't witnessed it). Shw would also chart for things like ambulation, fluids, etc. based on what she assumed would happen when 0600 rolled around. I understand that charting is a major pain and everyone wants to get it done, but is wise or even ethical to do so when you haven't witnessed the thing you are charting? Something could be abnormal for the day and then you have charted incorrectly. For example, this CNA charted fully for 2300 to 0700 for a pt that ended up being sent out to the hospital. Now in my opinion the charting would then be considered incorrect since the pt was gone halfway through the shift. Any experience, ideas, or comments welcome. Thanks everyone!