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  1. TravelNewbie

    First travel offer, is it good enough???

    I am a first time traveler, I said to myself, location wise, I'll take the first job offer. Not a state I thought I would be but it's on my check off list...not only for first assignment under my belt but I would like to see all 50 states on my bucket list (not all with travel nursing but before I die type of thing). The state that I landed is not one where I would sit back and say "I think I want to take a vacation in a few months...maybe I should go "here". My reason for travel nursing may be different from yours...I want to gain experience in different atmospheres and I want to see the country. When I look at pay, I pretty much look at 1) can I pay my bills? 2) do I have enough play money? And finally 3) can I save for a cushion day? With my first assignment all those answers were yes :) I also know it is good to get a first travel assignment under your belt...the 2nd would be easier, etc. Honestly I basically had one interview, followed by another (literally, I hung up the phone and another hospital was calling). I took the first one that was offered. We will see how, in the end, it goes. With every assignment I'm sure is a learning experience for the next one.
  2. TravelNewbie

    Tax home question

    If I am travel nursing and working away from home and returning as needed and req, along with voting, car registration, etc...do I put tax-exempt for the housing that is provided? I have accepted my assignment and filling out the required forms... Thanks
  3. How do you politely tell other agencies that you have your assignment until such and such a day? Is there an adequate way of expressing that?
  4. TravelNewbie

    Phone interviews

    Any tips for phone interviews? In particular what to promote in yourself to the Nurse Manager?
  5. TravelNewbie

    Am I being taken advantage of?

    Greenwich and Norwalk area prob is high housing cost. It is also a quick hop on the train for NYC. Still I would think $20 is on the low side. I get $28 plus night shift for another part of the state but I am paying rent. I am a staff nurse, therefore do not get tax free benefits but I still think that is a bit on the lower end.
  6. TravelNewbie

    How many agencies to work with?

    How many agencies are you working with? How many should you work with? I think I may have to increase. Exclusively I am with two. I know it gets complicated and I can just hope that they are telling me who they are submitting me to before submitting me. But so far I am not having a lot of luck and Blythe recruiters are nice but they are definitely like a used car dealership...they could sell you a rotten apple and make it seem nice enough to buy and eat.
  7. TravelNewbie

    Question about PACU

    I am travel nursing, a job is submitting me to a facility...I have tele experience with some PCU. Initially they said tele nurse, then kinda threw in postop/endo...I don't think that I cannot not do it...I have good assessment skills, etc...when I talk to the hospital I am going to make sure I clarify...PCU and not PACU. We get postops from PACU all of the time. Just looking for feedback... Something that is doable? Thanks
  8. TravelNewbie

    What order do I do all this stuff in??? Breaking into the Biz

    How true is the "you have to have a license before being submitted?" because the beginning of Jan they were already asking me if I wanted to start traveling earlier like Jan 28th start date. I do not live in a compact state license...I know there are states that are "walk thru" and others take 1-3 weeks. If I am looking for a April 1st job...which are now being offered...why wouldn't I be submitted to a place that takes 3 weeks to get a license? My place of employment requires 3 week notice. Thankfully I am prepared to even wait after my notice because I saved enough money to cover expenses. But I am not sure they will submit you when they know the hospitals requirements (ie license in hand) because I would assume that would look bad on the agency...wouldn't it?
  9. TravelNewbie

    Orientation period- strange requirements, is this legal?

    I work as a floor nurse but the unit has acute dialysis on it...she is there at 6am and sometimes stay until 8 or 9 pm. They are not travelers...so if it happens to a staff dialysis, I can imagine it happening to a traveler.
  10. TravelNewbie

    Is There Truth To This?

    I concur it is def a plus being a BSN. And part of the Magnet status, they are overwhelmingly staffing more with BSNs than ADNs and if they have not already, they are indeed in the process of doing so!! This is not a misinformed information!! Not to say they will not pick a ADN but if they had the choice-85% of the time, if not more..,they will choose the BSN. And yes you can be a moron with a BSN and most likely they will be chosen. It is a fact that they (all) are gearing towards BSNs! There is no reason to be rude or disrespectful!! I have my ADN, going to school slowly for my MSN, even saying this and my years experiences in hospitals in other capacities (Patient Care Tech, ED Tech, current RN), I would not be shocked or disappointed if I was passed up.
  11. TravelNewbie

    Cardiac Unit

    I was always advices to not learn drugs themselves but start off by their categories....beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, etc. I am still not completely comfy but I just continue to look up the ones I don't know and eventually it will set in.
  12. TravelNewbie

    I just want to vent...

    Yea, true I could see how they would be able to do that. It doesn't help those of us who don't do drugs.
  13. TravelNewbie

    I just want to vent...

    I hate that it seems difficult and time consuming getting a license in other states. With technology it shouldn't take long. Also I think all states should be within the compact agreement. Ugh....
  14. TravelNewbie

    Feedback on travel agencies?

    Just curious as to everyone's experience with certain agencies LATELY? Aureus, AM, Freedom, Talamed? Especially for first time travelers?