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  1. GWTWFabToya

    Failed the AANP

    Thanks every for responding. I'm attempting to retake the AANP exam as well as take the ANCC. So I will continue to pray and study and keep everyone posted. Thanks again!
  2. GWTWFabToya

    Failed the AANP

    I just took the AANP exam and failed! I felt like I was doing a good job throughout the exam but in the end apparently it wasn't enough. I did change a couple of correct answers (about 3) to the wrong answers but still, if I failed, that means more were obviously wrong than I originally thought. I studied for about 2 and a half months and I honestly felt ready. I'm so disappointed in myself I feel so stupid. I have the opportunity to take the ANCC exam but at this point, my confidence is just shot and I feel clueless. the materials I used were the barkley review along with the cds, Amelie hollier with her cds, and the leik book which I felt I understood well. I do not know where to begin. Fitzgerald has an online review but the materials will not be ready until late march. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can use to assist me to be successful on the ANCC? should I use the same resources I just used or put them to the side and start with new material from scratch? I would like to retake the AANP but at this moment im just too scared and discourage. Thanks in advance.
  3. GWTWFabToya

    New consensus model for Adult-Gero NP - job limiting?

    Hi When i enrolled into the MSN FNP option i directly wanted to only do adult. i am a great nurse with kids but i prefer not to because i become too emotional and want to refrain from that type of nursing. i spoke to an enrollment counselor and she stressed that the FNP is more marketable in the future of nurse practitioners which is true. for example, my personal nurse practitioner was only certified in womens health and had to go back to school for the FNP certification. i rather just get it all done at one time so i can have many avenues to go down when the time arises. i still see myself with geriatrics and adult but at least with the FNP i also see myself working with womens helath and low income individuals. in the end it is your decision and do what is best for you as well as for the market and availability of jobs within your area.
  4. GWTWFabToya

    Maryville for FNP 2013

    the book was okay for me. it was more repetitive with stating the word philosophical and theoretical alot. a complete bore if you ask me. the book is helpful because in the theory class you will conduct a project on a important nursing scholar so the first day of class there will be a list of nurses such as miss nightingale and so on and you must pick one before your classmate picks it becasue then you will have to start all over. the book will be basiclally used as a reference tool. it looks pretty on my desk. very new and hardly used it so now its just my reference book for the future classes.
  5. GWTWFabToya

    Maryville University or Walden University for FNP

    Hi! I actually attend Maryville University and so far I like it. The only discrepency I see among other students is the inconsistency with assignments with certain instructors. Some insturctors required you to contribute more than the requirements to get the overall points needed for classes and some just was okay with the bear minimum. for example, you make your originial discussion post by wednesday (day 3) and have to respond scholarly to two classmates ( by day 6). some professors wants other students to respond to 3 instead of 2 when 2 is the requirement in the rubric.My professor was awesome but i can not speak for others. I have only taken the Theory and Evidence based practice class so i can give you a better perception of classes and full time work this semester while taking leadership and pathophysiology. So far it is doable. what i do enjoy is when it is time to comeplete your discussion feedback portion you can respond to everyone within the same day instead of waiting numerous days to respond. we have a great deal of group work which can be at times annoying. if you have a great group of people that are willing to work with you than your fine. i had two great groups and hopefully i will get the same group members again.before classes start they sorta give you a "sneak peak" of the course and send you the syllabus ( which i am currently waiting on).the classes are 8 weeks long but i believe my patho class will be 16 weeks long which is fine with me ( too much info for 8 weeks) but i do hear we are the last class the patho will be for 16 weeks.anything you want at this level of the game will be a challenge. just go for it. i have a 6 year old and a 7 month old that drives me crazy but by being focus and studying any time i get i will get through this journey and so can you.i hope that helps.