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  1. Electronic Stethoscope.. worth the $?

    I tried out a couple of these. The fancy expensive littmann electronic amplified a little too good! I heard every ambient noise in the room! It was annoying to me! It would be great if you have a hearing problem though. I tried an older less fancy ve...
  2. where else do ER nurses go?

    PACU, procedural area like IR, and outpatient/ambulatory surgery center are the most common areas. I've also seen some go to Critical Care Transport.
  3. Baseline ptt and heparin drip

    Yes you can have baseline ptt done off a previous specimen from the morning. However, the cbc is drawn in a purple top and ptt is a blue top so lab probably couldn't do it without a previous blue top. Did the doctor order a baseline ptt prior to star...
  4. leave 1 year during 2 year commitment

    Even if you leave your current employer with adequate notice, they could deem you as "ineligible for rehire" depending how strictly they follow the 2 year minimum commitment (contact or not). This could potentially affect you if you list them as a re...
  5. What do you think of this monitor?

    Why is the respiratory alarm off?
  6. Lindsey Koi Pants

    I wear Koi Lindsey pants for the last few years. I don't have much hips & thighs so I don't have too many issues in that area. I do like the mid-rise, variety of colors & different lengths. I don't like that they wrinkle more than my old scru...
  7. Documentation

    Observed (most frequently used personally) Pt stated "..." Pt complained of "..." Or just state the facts...heart rate 150, BP 75/40. Pt awake, alert, oriented x 4. Pt denies weakness, dizziness, sob, or pain. Dr XYZ paged; awaiting return call.
  8. What's your side job?

    Main job: ICU - full time Side jobs: Day Surgery & ER - whenever they call & I feel like working more! When I feel like working a lot, I work 5-6 days a week (mix of 12 hr & 8 hr shifts). Sometimes I don't work extra for a month or so...
  9. I don't like pediatric patients, am I normal?

    It's normal to have preferences. Sometimes it just takes awhile to figure it out. Personally, "I don't do kids" is my phrase when I work in other areas of the hospital.
  10. IV starts: Need tips!

    Watch https://www.Youtube.com/watch?v=GeDcJdpp2K0 Wow! Those are gigantic veins!
  11. Thank you letters for panel interview

    I prefer hand written cards over generic emails. Just send the cards out ASAP as the in-hospital mail system can be slow. Also be neat & professional. The most memorable in a not so favorable fashion was a masculine paper bag brown colored card (...
  12. Foley cath as g tube?

    I've seen foleys as G-tubes for years. Some are temporary and some are long term. We use Lopez valves or special plugs to clamp them so they don't leak.
  13. educational value of care plans

    When I was a nursing student, I didn't really see the point to nursing care plans either. It was a long process of patho, meds, nursing diagnosis, interventions, and interviewing the patient and family. It was endless and a lot of typing on a weekly...
  14. What thrills you/what terrifies you?

    Thrilling: working with a good team that shift! Catching something early so we can treat it ASAP before it becomes a code situation! Feeling super satisfied when I watch my previous orientees succeed! Terrifying: July & August...when the new inte...
  15. let go during orientation, needs advice?

    That drive would force me to quit...prestigious hospital or not! The OP mentioned only planning to stay for a year...so is there another way to obtain your ultimate goal that can't be obtained by staying put at your supportive ICU environment? As for...
  16. PACU call

    30 minute call time is what I'm familiar with at both my hubby's hospital and mine. Luckily my hubby lives super close to the hospital, but he says it's still painful to get out of bed at 0200 to recover 1 patient then go home!
  17. IV Drip Rate Help

    Have to think way back on this one... Your method of calculating is what I learned in nursing school. However, in practice it's more like this: Concentration of drug x conversion to mcg/conversion to minutes (500mg/250ccx1000mcg)/60=33.3 this is yo...
  18. Give inhaler w/o doctor's consent?

    Actually my 2nd grader does self-administer his inhaler properly and has now for a couple of years now! He actually taught his babysitter how to use them with his spacers and which ones to use when. So I guess he's the "poster child" of something.
  19. Give inhaler w/o doctor's consent?

    In my child's school district, their policy is that a child can carry inhalers & epi-pens at all times. A doctor's note is needed to be on file at the school. However, at my child's various afterschool programs, they have accepted a parent's perm...
  20. RN role in Chest Tube insertion in the ER?

    To the PP: Our chest tube cart has it's supplies separate, not as a handy little kit. Yes the trochar is there in the cart for the doctor's use if needed. As for pulling up a chair to chart while a procedure is going on in my room...that is horribl...
  21. How to tell the experienced nurse to slow down

    It can be very intimidating for a person of lessor experience to orient a person of significantly more experience. Sometimes they can out talk you and even out think you, but it's all about getting them familiar with their new environment, familiariz...
  22. RN role in Chest Tube insertion in the ER?

    RN: get supplies ready. Our carts don't always have everything in them. Make sure the patient is pre-medicated with pain meds and/or sedatives! Lidocaine...available and placed where doctor wants it. Position patient! Pad them with towels if you hav...
  23. Should I give up scrubs?

    Do whatever your school's or district's dress code policy says is appropriate. Conservative scrubs or a white lab jacket both seem ok. I would think whatever you choose should immediately identify you as the school nurse.
  24. Rapid Response vs Code

    At my facility, a Rapid Response is called for various things including anticipation of a patient crashing, a seizure, the nurse having a bad feeling and wanting a doctor to evaluate the patient ASAP when the primary doctor won't call back in a timel...
  25. What do you say to family when a patient has died?

    In the appropriate situation: I'm sorry, we did everything we could. I'm sorry for your loss. Would you like me to call a family member for you? Would you like a glass of water, tissues, a seat, etc... Would you like me to call our social worker, our...