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  1. brandyl123

    Welcome Class of 2008!

    Hello everyone and Congrads I will also be class of 2008:mortarboard: I start Aug 24th... I am extremely nervous:chair: , but also excited at the same time. I have two boys 11 and 7. I will be working two 12 hours shifts so I just hope I can learn how to really manage and organize everything. I am happy that I made it this far and just hope I make it through to May 08. Good luck everyone!!!!
  2. brandyl123

    Normal to be nervous going into nursing school?

    I am also very nervous to be starting Nursing School this fall, actually in 25 days!!!!:roll I guess I am just afraid of failure, what if it's too hard. I have worked so hard to be where I am now... and what what if IT'S TOO HARD, or just tooo much to handle. I am also very excited but a little overwhelmed at how hard I hear that it is going to be. Looking over some of the books for class it is just sooo much information. I wish everyone luck, my thing is it can not be an option for me to fail. I have to finish this, I have put a lot on hold to be able to do this. Good Luck
  3. brandyl123

    I am so nervous and excited

    Hello everyone. It's been awhile since I have posted. Hope everyone is well. I am sooo HAPPY I received my letter of acceptance into the nursing program for this FALL>. I didn't think I would get in this soon. They offer it also in the winter which I thought that I might but I am actually starting in less than two months. I couldn't sleep last night because my mind is wandering of how the H*** am I going to pull this off. Money Money Money. I have a mortgage, I have two kids. I have tried to plan this all out but it didn't work how I planed. My mother said I could move in with her in the winter and put my house up for rent, but what a drastic change. My whole life is about to change, and I kept thinking about all the money I will owe in the end becuz of student loans, what if I fail, what if I just don't understand. So much. I started a job in the ER about a few months ago as a nurse extern/ emergency room tech asistant and I watch those nurses all day like WOW they really know all their stuff, could my brain possibly be able to make the right decisions like them could I possibly be able to know how to handle a situation like they do. I worked so hard to get where I am and my kids are so proud and excited Mommy is starting nursing and I want to be excited but I just am getting the jitters. Well sorry so long just had to let that out. Thanks for listening!!!
  4. brandyl123

    anybody attending henry ford community college?

    hello. i am attending hfcc. i am not in the nursing program yet, but i have been on the waiting list since last august. hoping to enter the program this fall or for sure the winter semester. so let me know exactly what you wanted to know if general info about the waiting of the program or what pre req
  5. brandyl123

    Feeling Guilty-Kids,Work&school

    You have came so far. All of you really inspire me to think I can do this also. I am not sure if all of you did well in school, but I never did. I am 32 and will be 35 when I am finished. I have two boys 11 and 7. When do you find time to study, do you study at night when they go to bed. I am already stressed after only 2 classes of A&P, I want to make sure I study enough, and I am always trying to pick up after work, dinner kids,homework.. ect. I just try to keep in mind ok this is temporary, but my gosh 3 more years seems soooo long, do keep going thru this. YOu are very lucky to had made it this far. Keep up the good work and good luck. PS. Do you do a lot of oral presentations in Nursing School, and is it writing lots and lots of papers????
  6. brandyl123

    Feeling Guilty-Kids,Work&school

    OMG, you have your hands full! You said 3 days a week when you get into the program. The school I applied for will be 4 days a week. I am hoping to get in next fall. It is all going by so fast. I am happy I am doing it, but scared at the same time. I just started my a&p class and feel after only 2 weeks that other students understand more than I do. I feel I am not comprehending everything, if I can't get thru A&P how would I ever become a nurse or handle N school. Anyways sorry to get off the subject, wanted to wish you luck. Oh I took the nurse entrance test twice. I was so happy to have passed the second time with very high scores. You will do fine. Good luck.
  7. brandyl123

    Feeling Guilty-Kids,Work&school

    I was just kind of curious for all the working parents out there how many credits are you taking. I am a mother of two. I am taking 9 credits. Bio- 4 credits but 2 nights a week. Sociology- 3 credits one evening Stress-PE 2credit online class. I do have the childrens father who supports me going to school and helps out, but now I am starting to feel a little guilty this is my first semester of having to go to class 3 nights a week. How much I regret not doing things earlier. My children are 7,11 year old boys. They don't seem to mind, but I feel bad. Is this too much when you have kids. I like this website because once I hear other peoples opinion and know other people are doing the same thing, maybe I will feel better. And when I am not in school, I do try to spend as much time with them. Does anyone else feel guilty?
  8. brandyl123

    Reading And Note Taking

    I have started my a&P class and we of course had to read first chapter. I am not sure if it is mainly because I hear how hard this class is, and I do not want to miss a thing, but it is taking me forever to get thru chapter one with all the highlighting and notes I am taking. How does everone do this. Do you read highlight and take notes at the same time. Or do you read highlight and go back to take notes. I feel when I am reading and writing at the same time I am not taking in all the info. Please help.
  9. brandyl123


    Since I started this fall semester, I have been busy. I feel I don't even have that much time to come on allnurses like I use to. I started a&p last wed. Tomorrow we have our first quiz and I have lab. I am so nervous, this is going to be a lot. Our quiz is on the 11 organ systems. which thank you to someone on this website the ( send mr. uric--l) has really helped me remember them all. How is chem, Oh that was my worst class. I have achieved all A and B in all my classes so far except chem, I got a C. You will do fine seeing all your grades are excellent. Well good luck, just wanted to say hello
  10. brandyl123


    I have been wanting to ask someone about nutrition. I am thinking of taking it online winter semester. Do you think it will be to much to handle the nutrition online and anatomy and physiology part 2? I heard alot of people complain it is hard. Is it a lot of reading? I feel the exact same way with my sociology class right now, my instructor is extremely boring.
  11. Hello all. Heres the thing. I have been trying for the past months to get into loacal hospitals. Doing the online applications attaching my resume and cover letter, and hardly any responses. Probably because I mainly have clerical experience. I am going to school for nursing and really want to be in that environment. I was just wondering would it be to pushy to make up a whole new cover letter maybe stating I don't know something to fact that I have been applying for almost a year and thats where I need the help. I do not want to sound desperate I just want to get their attention, for them to see that I am eagar to learn the new skills with training.
  12. brandyl123

    ***A&P I Fall '05 Club -- Sept Q&A***

    hi karen. great job on the organizing. i am a bit nervous, i start a&p this evening. i have it on m&w. i know that this class is going to take up a lot more time than any of my other classes. i am definitly going to check out the websites. i also bought the colouring book too. good luck everyone
  13. brandyl123

    Nursing School Entrance Exam

    are you talking about the net test??? if so you can talk to your school about what book to get. it is not nearly as bad as you think. i never took a&p or pharm and took the test. it is mainly reading comprehension and math. it wasnt that hard at all. as for it comparing to the nclex no comparison. i have looked at some of those practice questions on nclex and that is way different than the nurse entrance exam
  14. Hello to you. I don't start anatomy until after Labor Day, I am excited and nervous. I was browsing the internet for some sites that may help me and I came across Mr. Johnsons Biology page. It has practice quizes and lots of information. Maybe it will help you. http://www.sirinet.net/~jgjohnso/
  15. Has anyone went to this school. I checked out the website, and I don't know how you could possibly do an online program for Nursing. How do you attend clinicals??? I was just wondering if anyone has more information on this program- http://www.deaconess.edu
  16. brandyl123

    Already feeling dejected after just one week!

    Do not beat yourself up over that. :lol_hitti That is a lot to handle. I have 2 kids, work 5 days a week, will be going to scool 3 nights a week, and it is overwhelming. I am glad to know there is someone like me, because that is how I feel. When kids go back to school after Labor day, it is all hectic from that point on. Their homework, getting stuff ready for school, doing my homework, it is alot. I wouldn't dream of taking more classes right now. I am taking an online class to total 9 credit hours and am proud that I am doing that. Kids alone are a great deal of work. You will do fine!!!