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    Advice to students

    I think there can be more exposure for the younger generation about RT, OT, and other specialized fields you don't hear much about. Thank you for the info.
  2. Hi Everyone, I am doing extensive research on the nursing career. Making a career change is not easy the older you get. I have a back problem and I just don't know how bad it will get in the future. I have considered OT and Speech Therapy, but for some reason I am still set on nursing. I am looking into nursing specialties that may not be as physically demanding although I am aware nursing school will be demanding. Does anyone know about the mental health field (I have a graduate degree in counseling and studied Psych for undergrad) and if they hire entry level nurses? Any info would help at this time! Thanks!
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    Anyone interested in Mental Health Nursing field?

    I think most people are more educated in nursing as a career than OT. I gave up on nursing as an undergrad and regret it. I have to do what I can handle. I appreciate your realistic advice. I have read numerous posts on this forum and the pros/cons of nursing with back issues. Do all ENTRY level nurses have to start with acute care?
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    Any career switchers starting in the Fall?

    I have been out of the forum for a while. But I got your message and I can't respond or inbox until I become more active. I hope this works. I am still researching OT, nursing, Speech Pathologist, etc. due to my back problems.... I took a 5 wk course on General Chem in the summer but had to withdraw. I have to start on the pre-req's again and maybe do Chem last! haha! I really don't like having doubts about nursing - I want to go for it IF I know I can handle acute care physically as an entry level nurse - I know many nurses with back issues have done it. People warn me how physically demanding nursing is and it's true.... However, teaching younger children is demanding too.