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    CSUN ABSN 2014

    I went to an information session last summer. This program is very competitive to get in. The average prerequisite GPA is about 3.8. As of last summer they had approximately 400 applications for 38-40 spots in each cohort. Admission is all about the points system. You get points for grades in each pre-req (As get more points than Bs etc), volunteer work, CNA certification etc. The key is to maximize your points. If you have prerequisites in progress you will get less points which will impact your chances of acceptance. The program is extremely fast paced and you are encouraged to not have any outside work or commitments. Attend an information session if you can. It is pretty much the only way (that I have found) to get questions answered. Good Luck!!
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    Do as many practice problems as you can and take advantage of office hours. I used Homework Helpers for Chemistry as a supplement and it really helped. I also signed up for Aleks' online chemistry course and it helped. Somehow I passed an Honors Chemistry class with an A. (Took Honors as it was the only section that had space available....) Good Luck!!
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    volunteering abroad

    I have heard great things about Projects Abroad. Have you looked into them?
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    Really Odd Question

    Have you thought about doing volunteer work abroad? There are some great programs out there that can even give you health care experience through volunteering. Cross Cultural Solutions and Project Abroad are the ones that I am most familiar with.