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  1. hi everyone. just to give you a little backround,i have about 7 months clinic experience, and have only had 6 visits under my belt that only consisted of teaching and monitoring of patients disease process(htn,diabetes etc.) i never felt comfortable in the home health setting, and i say that because i didnt received proper training at the first HH company i worked for. i shadowed an lvn's 4 patients, which i felt wasnt enough for me, and documentation, almost nill. so because of this i quit. But now 4 months later( not being to find a job ANYWHERE, due to lack of sufficient experience) i went back to home health, and even though most HH companys in my area(so cal) require 1 year experience, i got luck and got hired. well once again i'm not feeling confident, due to lack of training. but i have decided to give it a go, since the DON is very helpful an aware of my lack of experience. i have been assigned three patients this week,. one portacath patient, which needs to be flushed q week, weigh daily due to fluid, and wound care for skin cancer removal. with this patient im comfortable with 2 of 3. portacath flush, i have never done. (i couldnt find you tube videos with this) the nursing part of HH, is not my worry is it mostly the paperwork/documentation. and the coming up of nursing diagnosis. any advice?..i might think this is just too much for me.but i cant find a job anywhere else...thanks in advance;)
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    amazon.com, thats where i found mine.