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  1. Hello I am a new grad in my first RN job.I work on a busy med/surge acute care floor. This is my second career. I have been in orientation for about six weeks of a twelve week orientation.I am having issues with time management. I feel I can't get everthing done in 12 hours. I also feel like I am always making mistakes and just can't get it right. Everyone keeps telling me that I will be fine, I just dont see it. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  2. Honey702

    Long Term Acute Care-New Grad

    I have an interview coming up at a long term acute care hospital. The acuity of the unit is describes as being between ICU and an ICU step down. My question is would this experience be considered hospital experience in an acute care being that most hospitals want candidates to have acute care experience. As a new grad, I just don't want to put myself in a position that I wouldn't be able to further my career in an acute care setting and this experience wouldn't count as experience in acute care. All advice is appreciated.
  3. Honey702

    Failed NCLEX

    HelloI took the NCLEX*today*and i know I failed. The test stopped at 75 questions. I never got to the higher level application questions. The majority were SAT. I feel i got confused with alot of the info and just didnt know some of the material. I was extremely stressed and going thru test anxiety, which may have contributed to my results. I thought i was prepared but not overly prepared.* While taking the exam, i felt as if i wasnt doing well. Everyone is telling me not to worry about it. I know they mean well but unless you have been thru it, they may not truly understand. I have a gut feeling that i failed.* I just need to vent and hear from people who been thru it.* Any advice is truly appreciated.