New Grad - Issues with Time Management

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I am a new grad in my first RN job.I work on a busy med/surge acute care floor.

This is my second career. I have been in orientation for about six weeks of a twelve week orientation.I am having issues with time management. I feel I can't get everthing done in 12 hours. I also feel like I am always making mistakes and just can't get it right. Everyone keeps telling me that I will be fine, I just dont see it. Any advice is appreciated.




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Honestly, I didn't start feeling comfortable with my time-management until my 4th-6th month. It'll come with experience. Sometimes it helps to have a "brain sheet". Write the tasks that should be your priority at the beginning of your shift. If the shift starts out slow, round on your patients, eyeball how they're doing (assessment-wise), and start charting your assessments before 10a/10p meds.

My issue at beginning was leaving all my charting to be done later. And if you do, you're always going to be in trouble because there will always be something that needs to be done--especially on a med/surg floor. These days, I chart whenever I can and that has prevented me from staying on the floor after my shift is over to do my charting.



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My time sheet is a grid for each hour/each pt on the top 2/3 and the bottom 1/3 is blank. For each pt encounter I write the room number, time, and jot notes. My charting is 100% better and then I don't have to worry if I am sidetracked and can't chart right away. That being said, chart as often as possible. Learn to change an iv bag on a walking patient. Learn to excuse yourself from a long winded patient or colleague! Try noticing how long you're in a room and then budget your time as appropriate, consciously. You'll get better.