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  1. I got in!!!!! I was totally about to be super bummed too...Hahaha. WOOHOO! See you guys in newport evenings!
  2. right???? Let's hope we hear back soon!!
  3. I'd be pretty disheartened if we both didn't get in!! Honestly if I don't get in I'm probably just gonna apply to grad school. I really wanted CCRI because it's inexpensive and it would allow me enough time to work while in school, and I love my current job. So convenient.
  4. well it looks like my eval was pulled 5 times today, last one was 11:59am. So maybe they're still deciding?
  5. my goodness, I don't know how I'd feel if I got rejected with a 3.9 GPA. very discouraged to say the least.. and i'll definitely let ya know fluffynuffy!
  6. I'm Newport evenings, applied with 145 points..haven't heard anything yet..my last name begins with C..
  7. Yes I also have the same issue and I've applied to Newport evening as well. I just get a generic answer when I inquire--don't worry about it. Hopefully everything went ok and we'll hear some good news this week!
  8. hopefully we all hear by the end of this month or early april! Who else is here applying for Newport evening??
  9. applied to Newport Evening with 145 pts. My app still says incomplete items outstanding and Psy2030 is still blank even though I have a grade for it on my transcript..I called enrollment services and they told me it just says incomplete because they haven't reviewed mine yet, that I have nothing to worry about. I better not! haha. Good luck everyone!
  10. Hello all, this question is addressed to CCRI Nursing students--I'm currently in the process of enrolling to CCRI with the goal of getting accepted to an evening program by Fall 2014. I already have a Bachelor's degree and was wondering if any of you have used classes taken previously to fulfill Prerequisites? For example, I have already taken 2 english classes in college and the 2 psychology courses needed for the evening program. Would also like to know any other people out there going into ADN with a Bachelor's degree. Thank you!