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    GPA and major?

    Hi everyone, happy holidays! So I've just finished my second semester of my freshman year, and while I'm excited for next year, there are so many questions floating around in my head. I made the decision to declare pre-med before I entered college. After volunteering at hospitals and seeing a close family member in and out the hospital, I've started to think Nursing might be a better fit. My biggest problems right now are my school and making academic decisions. The college I attend now has a Nursing program, but they don't seem compatible with my plans to transfer schools and continue with my education after that. When I went to the office to inquire about their program, the response I got was something along the lines of "why on earth would you want to get a Masters when you could work after two years?" I didn't want to step on any toes, so I thanked them and left it at that. Because of the advising situation at my school, I'm a little confused right now. I ended the semester with a 3.25 (so far I've earned three As, two Bs and a C that I'm not happy about.) Depending on where I transfer, I was considering majoring in Neuroscience. If not, Psychology and Biology are also strong contenders. I apologize for posting so much; but any advice on where to go from here would be much appreciated. If my semester gpa for spring is a 4.0, then my overall will be a 3.56. Thanks for reading!
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    GPA and major?

    @sacwebb Thank you so much! I am currently going to school around the Iowa area, so being a Hawkeye is definitely a strong future goal. This semester is going by smoothly so far. I'm working on my pre-reqs & hopefully a 4.0 this semester will raise my overall to a 3.5 :) I still have a long way to go, but I'm gravitating towards med school more and more. You all have been so informative, though. I have a lot of respect and gratitude. Thanks again, everyone!
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    RN or MD

    ksecatero21 - If you're registered with your tribe then you would be considered a URM; and since Native Americans are the minority of those that would fall into the same group, it could work out well for you. I made a similiar post not too long ago because I'm also torn between the two. A few people suggested I shadow more doctors and nurses. It helps to talk to people in both professions! Something I didn't see mentioned are Pre-Med post bac options after you have your degree. I know Tufts University has one, as well as Johns Hopkins, Goucher, and Columbia. They require a high gpa to get in, but their purpose is to help those with the potential to become a Doctor despite small issues. Depending on your financial situation, this may be a great choice for you because you could work as a nurse while transitioning.
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    My grades /:

    Merry Christmas! I'm still pretty naive, but one thing I learned from last semester is how important it is to be able to know what kind of study skills you have, and how to use them. Enjoy your holiday break, and use your gpa as motivation to be amazing next semester. If you can remember the weeks before your worst tests of the semester, what were you doing? Were you more stressed than usual, or did you study in a place that made focusing more taxing? It may sound dumb, but keeping a journal of these kinds of things is starting to help me. Hopefully some of this may work for you!
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    Finished with a C in chemistry

    Good luck with your application! Hopefully a retake isn't necessary. *fingers crossed* If you do repeat the course this is a solid resource that might help you.(or anyone reading this thread!) You sound passionate, so I'm sure everything will work out for the best.
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    GPA and major?

    Thanks, Jolie! I'm definitely striving for as close to a 4.0 as possible. You must have worked for that. Good luck with your applications. :)
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    GPA and major?

    Yes, that's exactly it. I was having trouble articulating it, but what scares me about nursing is the idea of being behind. With the pre-med track there's more clarity in that aspect and everything is presented as a step on a long, arduous staircase. The idea of nursing being a "program" makes everything more clear, so thank you! So for right now, would taking a few pre-requisite classes in addition to finishing my general ed requirements be my best option? Next semester I have human bio and my liberal arts core, and then I can take Calculus and/or A&P over the summer. All while working to keep the upward trend with my gpa, of course.
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    GPA and major?

    Thanks everyone! I think being able to transfer into programs where I can graduate with a BSN would be amazing. The only school I've found that has info about transferring in is U of Iowa. The advisor at my school said none of the nursing classes transfer out because it's a junior college. This is why I brought up a science based major. That way I could apply to nursing programs after I graduate with a Bachelor's & still have the option of applying to Master's programs or maybe attempting to get a PhD. I apologize for being so confused! With the whole pre med track I know exactly what classes I should take, how to enhance my application, and when to take the MCAT/apply. I just want to have a solid plan for becoming a nurse, so I can make it happen if that's what I decide.