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  1. channon01

    Accepted :).... now what??

    So it's official! I got my letter last wk! Yay!! This is my second acceptance letter but into my first choice program, one of which is competitive and I was lucky enough to bag one of the 16 seats!! Sort of... I have to pass a math competency test first prior to the start of the first classes with a 100% so I'm only half-way through the hurdle. I'm really really nervous about that part... :/ any advice about that would be much appreciated. Have you taken this before, is it hard? are they usually long- longer meaning more room for error.. what you might have done to study? and one last question?? What kinds of things did you do in this window or waiting to start to help get yourself ready and ahead of the game? Tips, tips, please and thank you! I'm trying to brush up on all kinds of things, my health and meal planning, my med term, anatomy tons of things.. downloading apps, ordering certain supplies...just anything to spend my time well!
  2. channon01

    Eager & Waiting-Anyone else waiting for acceptance?

    I got accepted too!!! yikes i cant believe it!! now just to pass those math competency entrance tests (with a 100%) ...then I'll officially start the 3rd of Jan! *dancing* EEK!!!
  3. channon01

    How much is too much?? Help?!

    Wow thanks guys- I really appreciate the support... A part of me felt like maybe it was just me and I've been complaining too much but the majority of me felt a lot of the things you mentioned. I'm trying to put my foot down more and trying not to feel bad but also thinking of what to do with the future situation-at the end of the day I guess I have a few decisions to make :/
  4. channon01

    How much is too much?? Help?!

    Wow sorry everyone for the confusion- again it was late and I was flustered so I kinda just dumped it-- (unprofessional I know... Not proud of that but better to vent it out than hold it in and stew. I wanted other opinions from some who have "been here, done this"). I also did this on my iPad rather than a regular keyboard so it was "finger pegged" which doesn't help. Tom is short for tomorrow I will try to update on my regular computer as soon as I get a chance to get to it. Thanks for the current advice thus-far. Yes I am definitely working more than double my hours and honestly I don't mind working the extra time. I actually tried for a full time position from the get go but wasnt selected for it, instead I was given the part time position. I mentioned all that to explain the efforts I do see that I am putting forward. What I do mind is having to say no because no one else will step up and then finding out that "no" really isn't even an option after all because I keep getting the mandates because more than 80% of the staff is "excused" from them including the other part timers? I also didn't find it fair for an Lpn to have to step down the position but understand that happens and was extremely appreciative. P.s. didn't even get to stick to our plans afterall today due to uncontrolled events like weather, closings etc but still had a very productive day and was greatful for it even though I was still texted to come in today even after telling them that I couldn't the night before. And also requested and agreed to work another shift this weekend. What's the point of scheduling? Why not just tell me to come in everyday and send me home if you don't need me- I'm paranoid at this point that I will be called in every min I have off and while I'm ending a shift bc so far I have been- it doesn't help me sleep that's for sure :/
  5. channon01

    How much is too much?? Help?!

    Okay so I'm kinda stirred up right now. I'm a cna, online student, accepted into an rn program and just waiting to start, mom, and mil spouse. Busy Is the simple word. I am doing this bc i want to strengthen my basic skills for down the road--and i also have to fullfill a grant requirement of a certain amt of employment time. Also i am returning to work from being off while playing mommy for a few years and basically trying to strengthen my resume in all areas. Ive only been with the job for abt 3 months. I need at least 6 months to fulfill the grant requirements and I really dont want to tarnish my new resume by leaving a new job to soon but i have some problems? I just got home from work and this is my summary. Apologize for errors in advance-it's late and I'm tired!-I was asked to stay over for a second shift. To begin I don't mind staying over on most occasions. Matter in fact I'm averaging a total of three extra shifts per pp right now, usually one mandate and two volunteers just trying to help out-- again per pp. I'm usually always there later than my shift anyway bc I take pride in my work, make sure to do all that I can, lord knows there's never enough time!! and depending on whom I'm working with I don't like to leave a man hanging in that if the other aide is not up to par. When I'm done I usually help wrap things up where i can help. Unfortunately this my first taste of this nursing field with the exception of some reception and small task assisting work a few years ago in an urgent care setting....I LOVE my job my residents my co workers (for the most part)- none of it bothers me except one thing. I was hired as a part timer 40/ per 2 wks... I'm averaging a hundred or more-of which approximately scheduled for 50-60hrs the rest is extra- I'd say I pick up my fair share of shifts OT and slack--and I don't mind really I can use the experience and money. I'm being mandated appx once a week of which has already taken place this week might I add. Tonight I was asked to stay. Tomorrow I had plans w my family- hubs works the same schedule I do plus some more including overnights so we are literally just bypassing each other every few days.. In three months since I started ...Tomorrow will be the first day we get as a family all off together so needless to say we had plans for an all day adventure..zoo, shopping, drive in... Were new to the area so were trying to experience some local fun...oh and I have a ton of homework due by sat (today is Wednesday and I work until sat minus tom)... So when asked i requested kindly that i really would prefer not if at all possible but if they needed me i would. I reminded them that I had already picked up two other shifts and had been mandated this I wk so it really would be better if I didn't bc it would ruin all of our plans we've been patiently waiting for- considering i might get two hrs of sleep...long story short they made some adjustments and sadly made an lpn stay instead.. (she didnt seem too upset once i saw her later but thats neither here nor there) but only after I agreed to stay anyway and the four supervisors on duty then told me it really was going to come down to me being mandated---???? Seriously??? Now how is that I've already been mandated this wk (and its only wed!!) and it's already my turn again? Then they politely explained that basically everyone on my floor that I worked with has "letters" to get out of it arranged w the nurse manager? Seriously?. And for me to talk to her-- I'm supposed to start my schooling in the spring and already had been planning on talking to her abt dropping back to casual or something but what im interpretting is it doesnt seem like it would make a huge diff at this point...They have made several adjustments to my schedule already but nothing is consistant....Im getting lucky to get one day off per pp at all now. I'm also lucky if I get 4+ hours of sleep a day anymore bc they float me to so many additional shifts- (normally I'm 3-11) and then I have to do my online classes after every other day. Im barely keeping up! Not to mention- body injuries I've already incurred I spend my off days trying to rest but there's not really time for that considering everything else and it just wears me down more--- this is insane-- I'm really beginning to question the actuality them being able to work around my school work-- I'm not convinced and personally that's priority. Is it time to just find a better fit for my family prior to school- I hate to leave but this system is so unfair and I don't see anyone else working the amt of hours I do-nor do the others claim that they know anyone doing so... did I mention how all the employees advise me to say no everytime, to turn off or ignore their calls, and always make pity comments when they see me working extra shifts for whatever reason-- I feel this is the problem to begin with?? I don't understand how this place has like 100 employees and only 3 or 4 on the mandate list?.. Something's fishy ??? I explained how I felt to the supers and they were great to me and really honest but I gotta say I was surprised by their answers. They first told me to make sure to have a great day with the fam tom and to go home and rest that they took care of everything (wow I feel terrible like I let them down)-- secondly that i cant fix all the problems of the scheduling im only one person and i work really hard..I think they geniunely care and understand for me and that's why they were so real but the fact is they basically told me-- you're not dumb you see the errors here and we understand but there's not a real solution it's a kink in the system-- I also asked abt the 25 plus new employees they just hired and if they truthfully expected it to change once these newbies were up and running--- Guess what they thought--- yeahhh.... Again sweetie we're not dumb and neither are you-- I'm having such issues with this. I want to help but I can only sacrifice so much up and to a point. Plus is this helping me i feel like im beating my body up before i even get the chance to take my nclex!!!Im really trying not to complain-- but this just sucks... Any thoughts?..
  6. channon01

    Eager & Waiting-Anyone else waiting for acceptance?

    Waiting here too. This is my last week and i am so so so nervous. Letters go out for us on Sept 1/2nd so Ill know by the end of the week with any luck. I've already been accepted to one school for next fall and possibly wait listed for the summer prior to but I really want this acceptance to keep me from having to move across country back home for a while. Theres only 16 seats and appx 60 to 100 applicants. Tiny percentage in my opinion and I havent heard good things at all except from the nursing staff at the school... but not from previous applicants. I don't know what I'm going to do if this letter is a rejection letter Been trying to prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and leave it to god and all of my hard work. Happy waiting everyone.
  7. channon01

    The waiting period

    so waiting here as well. heres my background. I was accepted at my last school as of this past may however my hubs is military and we got transferred so because I knew it was coming up i did everything in my power to get set up with my new school. After tons of emails and phone calls and transcripts transferred and meetings with nursing directors, I was assured I could apply for the "next" group which is for the spring and its a wknd course program which is great for me bc of work and I can be home with my daughter and etc. etc. but being a wknd course It is very limited and highly sought after. I was told there is somewhere between 60-100 applicants and only 16 seats ... I went in with high hopes anyway but the longer I have to wait the more I worry. If for some reason i dont get in they told me to go ahead and def reapply for the following program but that wont start for another year (military meaning time is not always on our side and we move a lot so i need to start as fast as possible so ill have enough time to complete it)....If I dont get accepted I dont know what ill do. Our only other option is for me to go back 1000 miles across country and try to stick with the program i got accepted into the first time and seperate my family not what we want at all... moving has already interfered once and im an older student with a lot of older credits that are running out of time because I already have another degree so im not really the ripest of the pickings in some ways... lots working against me here so so nervous with those kinda stats (26 to 16% chance of getting in not to mention the competitive portion) and then once in we have a dosage calculation test prior to EVERY semester including the first that we have to score 100% on or were out.... sweating beads and praying so hard my knees are raw.... but lots of faith...its totally in his timing... but i just know this is meant to be and I wont will it any other way!!! and very excited at the same time cant wait!! meanwhile taking my last "extra non-prereq/non-nursing" course along with a class to help with that dosage calc stuff... as well as working as a CNA to keep busy... and still finding time to be paranoid...lol and I havent even started yet! lol stress is so funny sometimes. anywho..thanks for letting me vent and sharing your own stories Best of luck to all waiting and A Huge Congrats to all accepted. I have to wait until Sept.
  8. channon01

    Jefferson NY BOCES

    Looking for anyone in/completed/or applied to this program- I've submitted my app and now I'm just waiting. All 67 days that is-- so nervous. My hubs is military and I was just accepted at my last school for their program (just waiting on a seat) but unfortunately duty called. There's a lot riding on this for me and I'm so nervous-- hoping to get some input from anyone- I guess bc it is such a small program I'm not able to find a lot?? Help. Any info would be appreciated. We just moved here within the month and I know no one and nothing abt the school so everything is new. Thanks and good luck to all of you! (Jefferson community college- Watertown NY)