Accepted :).... now what??


So it's official! I got my letter last wk! Yay!! This is my second acceptance letter but into my first choice program, one of which is competitive and I was lucky enough to bag one of the 16 seats!! Sort of...

I have to pass a math competency test first prior to the start of the first classes with a 100% so I'm only half-way through the hurdle. I'm really really nervous about that part... :/ any advice about that would be much appreciated.

Have you taken this before, is it hard? are they usually long- longer meaning more room for error.. what you might have done to study?

and one last question??

What kinds of things did you do in this window or waiting to start to help get yourself ready and ahead of the game? Tips, tips, please and thank you!

I'm trying to brush up on all kinds of things, my health and meal planning, my med term, anatomy tons of things.. downloading apps, ordering certain supplies...just anything to spend my time well!


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Wow, what program requires a perfect score on the competency test?! Never heard of something like that.


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If it's nursing math it will be dosage calculations, which are short problems. I'd brush up on metric conversions, fractions, etc.


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100%?!? Seriously?? Wow... Yeah, I agree with PP, most likely it'll all be dosage calculations or similar. Conversions need to become your new best friend!!

Anyhow, CONGRATS!!