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  1. Hey there, my family and I will be moving from Alaska to Butte next month and I was wondering if anyone could tell me about their experiences at St. James Hospital and/or living in Butte. I am originally from northern MN and lived in Bozeman for 6 years so I am familiar with cold:) heard the hospital is paying off a lawsuit for giving MDs kickbacks... Hmmmm.
  2. Vermilion

    Need Help with UVC kit contents

    Hey there, I'm an OB RN at a rural AK hospital and was very surprised to find the contents of our homemade UVC kit to be way overstocked on one end and totally lacking on the other. We might use 1 kit per year, so buying multiple kits might not be cost effective since they might expire prior to being used. I've sent out emails to other hospitals I've worked at, but have yet to hear responses back and have also tried contacting med supply dealers without any luck...can anyone tell me the brands and online suppliers of UVC kits they use and the cost (don't they usually come in a pack?). How long on average are the kits good for? Also, it would be extremely helpful if you could provide the list of supplies on your UVC kit. I understand the caths don't come with the kits. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!