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    What's the real deal with Travel Nursing?

    I've been a travel nurse for about six years now and have never looked back. Love being able to stay out of the politics and gossip and concentrate on my job. Also love meeting so many amazing people and nurses. So many places do things differently it's so cool to learn pabout the different rationales. I also love the sightseeing and regional foods. Absolutely lucky to be able to do this type of job on the road!
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    How to deal with a bully patient?

    "We usually only gave him to the (male) travelers and float pool" speaking as a nurse who has traveled for years, all I can say is I'm glad I've never worked at a place like that. Mostly I'm treated as one of the staff when it comes to patient assignments. I work just as hard as any other nurse in the floor and offer assistance when I can. Hope I never come to your floor.
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    Can I be an RN with a mental illness?

    I have major recurrent depression and I've been a nurse for 8 years. Did fine in nursing school. Take your meds and take care of yourself and you will be fine.
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    Funny & Cute Things Our Demented Patients Say

    The funniest thing ever said to me by a confused patient was by my grandmother. I had been living overseas for several years and came home for a vacation. My grandma was in a local nursing home so I would go daily to see her as she was failing and I knew that I would probably not see her again. She tolerated my (short) daily visits for 4 days, but was getting visibly irritated by my visits. Finally, on the 5th day when I showed up she looked me in the eye and said, "Don't you have any friends?" It's been 12 years since then and I'm still laughing about it.
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    Cra Cra co-workers

    I've been saying for years that I can't wait to become demented so I can strip off my clothes and go running naked down the hall.
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    Be honest, what pt behaviors do you find annoying?

    The patient who is fully ambulatory and able to reposition themselves who becomes dead weight, insisting on being boosted in bed, repositioned and makes you help them lean forward so you can listen to their lungs. They also try to crawl up your body when you are getting them out of bed. The water glass will be an inch away from their fingers and they want you to hand it to them.
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    Why don't you just read the chart?

    I would love to read the chart, however the ED at my organization has a different charting system and all I can see are orders. I can't tell if a med has been given or not. Would rather get a 3-minute report instead of risking double dosing my patient.