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  1. ccarri03

    share your journey from failing to succeeding

    This is what I needed since I am having trouble with Bio. I failed it the first time and I retook it a year later Now and I have a D , my Lab final is tomorrow regardless of how well I do it won't bring my Lecture grade up. I am really disappointed in myself right now Because Nursing is the only career I want to do. I worked in an Ob/Gyn clinic since I'm a MEdical ASsistant and loved it, and now I'm trying to further my career . Love listening to this stories it makes me believe things happen in our lives but we can still make it at the End.!!
  2. ccarri03

    Need advice please.?!

    It's more my studying habits and a FT job. I guess I need to put my priorities first and that is Nursing. .. Thanks for your input .
  3. ccarri03

    Need advice please.?!

    I'm currently doing my Pre-reqs, taking Bio and did my final exam but I didn't do so well meaning i think i will have a D. in the class . I had taken this class before a year ago and failed it. Should I try again the next semester or give UP.??