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    Volunteer Clinical Facility

    Hello All! I am trying to locate a volunteer clinical facility to do my clinical practicum at... My school does not provide one for me and it is up to me to secure my clinical experience in order to graduate. Most people in my courses have found spots with providers they work with. Unfortunately for me, we recently moved, I had a baby, and I haven't been working for about 8 months. I know no one here in San Jose. Any helpful hints/tips on how to locate someone who will take me under their wing and show me the ropes??? So far I'm thinking about writing letters, obtaining letters of recommendation, attaching my resume and kind of doing a door-to-door type thing. Should I try to speak with office managers? Call offices? Suggestions greatly appreciated!! :)
  2. ljlakern

    University of Cincinnatti FNP spring term 2013

    Hi everyone! I am in the program right now, just finished my first semester! I too was super scared about biostats (turns out it was the easiest class of all, the prof is very good and explains things very well in her presentations). Patho on the other hand is a LOT of work- be prepared to do a lot of studying and reading from the texts. Also, pause the presentations and write down EVERYTHING she says, some of her test material comes directly from her "speech". Good luck!!! I'd like to leave my email address for you guys if you have any questions... laurajanelle@gmail.com