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  1. Amyrick42

    Nursing student school advice.

    Hello I live in fresno ca and am looking into the schools here that provide nursing programs. The first being the community college 2d national university and 3rd sjvc of visalia...my issue is the waiting list for fresno community college is 4 to 5 years...national and sjvc are both private colleges so you pretty much pay your way in..I'm weary of the 2 private schools because all you ever hear is how horrible sjvc and kaplan and schools like that can be..I'm just wondering if there is anyone out there that has gone to such a school and has had a good outcome..thanks for everyones time :)
  2. Amyrick42

    am i cut out?

    Ive been hearing alot of mixed reviews on nursing ..my question is how hard is it exactly? How often do you use math sciences ect...im horrible with math ...not impossible just need extra help .i just dont want to commit myself to a career that i wont do well in..im very passionate about helping others its the only thing that truly makes me happy, so i definately dont want to give up :/ need some advice!!!
  3. Amyrick42


    Yes it is a non profit school . Ill look into it some more its really the only option in my area for a nursing program:( Thankyou for your input.
  4. Amyrick42


    Can anyone please tell me if private colleges are respected just as much as a degree from a state university? If the same degree is given? The college in my town isnt accepting new student and doesnt have a great nursing program...the private college is national university if that helps...i really just dont want to waste my 50,000dollars on a degree that wont be respected the same...any advice helps!
  5. Amyrick42

    private college?

    Hello i am looking into rn programs here in the fresno ca area but the lottery at the local community college is closed for nursing..thinking of attending a private college anyone have any advice on if hospitals hire private college grads? The college is national university Any input is appreciated !!