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Nursing student school advice.

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Hello I live in fresno ca and am looking into the schools here that provide nursing programs. The first being the community college 2d national university and 3rd sjvc of visalia...my issue is the waiting list for fresno community college is 4 to 5 years...national and sjvc are both private colleges so you pretty much pay your way in..I'm weary of the 2 private schools because all you ever hear is how horrible sjvc and kaplan and schools like that can be..I'm just wondering if there is anyone out there that has gone to such a school and has had a good outcome..thanks for everyones time :)

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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I don't have specific knowledge of schools in your region - but I would advise you to step back and think about the big picture here. If programs in your region are so 'in demand' and continue to churn out large numbers of new grads, at the same time that job prospects for those new grads are dreadful. . . . is this really the direction you want to go?

Are you planning to relocate after graduation in order to avoid being caught in this situation ? If so, you may be wise to consider relocating for school also. The competition for nursing school is not the same in all areas - for instance, I learned last week that the University of New Mexico BSN program is actually advertising for students because they aren't receiving sufficient applications.

Just a thought.