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  1. 907katie

    AORN Peri-Op 101

    I am getting ready to start the AORN Peri-op 101 course. How did it go for you? Did you find it helpful? I'm looking forward to getting started on it, but would have a realistic idea of the time commitment involved with studying, etc. Thanks!
  2. 907katie

    Soooo, you're observing in the Operating Room (O.R.)...

    I see a lot of comments about students standing in the wrong spot...maybe it would be helpful to put a piece of tape on the wall labeled "Student" and instruct them to stand under the tape unless directed otherwise. That way they'd know where to stand. Also -- even when it's busy, if the student is following the circulating nurse, the circulator should be explaining things to the student before they go into the OR. They shouldn't be allowed to walk through that door until they know the basic ground rules. I feel like that's a part of the job of the patient's advocate. It is not in the patient's best interest to have a student or any other unprepared person in the OR while they're so vulnerable. I realize that nurses are busy, but many times, taking a few extra seconds to explain something (nicely) to a student, will prevent lots of frustration and possible incidents later on. Overall, I think these posts are very helpful to students. I am going to suggest to my OR manager that we print off a bunch of copies to put in a folder in the locker rooms where students will see them before they even leave the room.
  3. 907katie

    Centura Health Periop 101

    Is it the Periop 101 course from the AORN? I haven't done it yet, but there's information on the AORN website about the program. It is used by a lot of facilities from what I can tell.
  4. 907katie

    What classes did you pair with A&P I (Anatomy)?

    I worked full time when I started pre nursing, so I only took 2 classes per semester. I paired A&P 1 with English 111. It worked well for me. 2 is more intense and too more study time, so you may want to consider keeping your work load a little lighter for that semester and taking on a bit more with 1, especially if you already have much of the musculoskeletal systems memorized. The muscles were fine for me, but I hated the bone practical! Good luck!