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  1. I can't suggest it enough. Although I was not a CNA, I did perform the duties as a nurse tech for a year before graduation. Charting alone will knocked me around for a bit, especially regarding time management. It will make you feel more confident...
  2. Planning a move to Colorado

    Hey there nurses, I am a nurse on a Cardiac IMU in Houston. I am planning on moving to Colorado with my wife and daughter and we are giving ourselves 2 years to prepare. We will be visiting Colorado next month and I wanted to ask you brilliant men ...
  3. Houston Community College Fall 2014

    I agree with Ljchu; in the information sessions we were told that as long as you passed at the GPA they required, and had the test scores they required , there was no issue. Good luck! I'm completing all of the pre-req's, even the ones that aren't re...
  4. Does anyone have experience with or know if Baylor accepts transfer students from UT Galveston within the Physicians Assistant programs? Thanks!