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  1. Hi, I wanted to chime and give anyone that is looking to pursue their BSN and/or MSN some key information. First of all stay away from for-profit colleges, like Chamberlain College of Nursing (Devry, Inc), University of Pheonix, Kaplan, Grand Canyon, etc. These colleges all over charge students 10 times more than legitimate non for profit colleges. From my own research I would recommend looking into University of Texas Arlington, and Western Governors University. Also, most state schools are now offering more and more online and/or distance learning classes/programs. Most in the state of Ohio are. Hope this helps, and good luck with your future education endevours.
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    Chamberlain College of Nursing in Atlanta, GA

    Hi, Chamberlain College of Nursing is part of the for-profit college Devry. It is a very expensive college. Your better options are University of Texas-Arlington, or Western Govenors University, as well as some good state college's offering online programs. Most of these college's are 100% online with also no clinicals, so do your research before attending any for profit college, so you do not dish out 10X's the amount of money that you need to for your degree, when you can find a great non-profit program Just type in for-profit college's in google and you will see what I mean. Best of luck with your degree!