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    Help with my resume?

    Sorry the formatting is a little funky.
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    Could somebody please critique my cover letter?

    Thank you for your advice. You have really simplified it for me.
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    Help with my resume?

    Here it is: Name Address City, State Phone Number Education: (Place of training) [TABLE] [TR] [TD]Nursing Assistant Training Program - 100 hours of classroom training [/TD] [TD]2012 [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Skills: - Patient safety - Patient care - Vital Signs - Medical terminology - Patient rights and privacy/HIPPA - Computer skills - Strengths and Qualifications: - Organization - Adaptability - Energetic worker - Detail oriented - Mindful worker Clinical Experience: (Name of nursing home), City, State, November 2012 Student Nurse Assistant- 16 hours Provided care for residents under the supervision of CNA staff according to policies and procedures, encouraged independence of residents while providing assistance in activities of daily living, maintained a friendly and respectful demeanor, took and recorded vital signs of resident, maintained a clean work environment. Work Experience: Customer Service: (Name of company) January 2012 to July 2012 Greeted customers, got to know regular clients by name to establish friendly relationships, handled client complaints, answered clients' questions, kept store clean by mopping, dusting and taking out trash regularly, was in charge of organizing store, assisted in training new employees. References available upon request. First of all, what do you think I could improve? Second, is it okay to list my work experience in customer service or should I leave that out?
  4. Dear (name), When I was in clinicals, I was excited to hear that (name of nursing home) was hiring. I am seeking long-term employment as a nursing assistant so I have a chance to learn new skills and expand my knowledge in the field of healthcare. I want a career that will enable me to help others live their lives the best way possible, regardless of physical disability. This fall I completed a training program at the American Red Cross. There, I gained the skills necessary to care for nursing home residents. Not only did I learn skills to take care of these people physically, but I was also taught to nurture their emotional needs as well. People in long term care need to feel acceptance and self-worth, just as they need care for physical needs. I feel that with my training, I am ready to provide care for these people's needs. It is my greatest desire to help others. I am an attentive worker, I am an excellent listener. I care for others by listening to learn what it is that people need. My long term goal is to go to school to become an RN and learn Spanish so that I can volunteer my skills in South America. I believe I would be a useful member on your team and am available to work either day or night shift. Attached is my resume. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, (my name) Am I doing this right? What could I do better?