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  1. BadgerAlumna

    2018 Job outlook for a New Grad ADN in Madison, WI?

    There's a market for sure, but it definitely depends on where you want to work. For Madison, UW-Hospital is in the middle of a hiring freeze and as far as I understand it, the new grad nurse residency is on the chopping block. The VA Hospital hires ADNs pending openings, but they also give positions to new RNs coming out of their residencies and the VALOR programs first (though its not impossible). St. Mary's takes ADNs last time I checked and Meriter . . . . idk what is happening there, but something bad just went down with the NICU and I don't know how that's going to affect hiring going forward. If you care less about being in Madison there are a bunch of smaller towns with hospitals that I'm sure would love to have you. I know nothing of Milwaukee or the other larger cities.
  2. BadgerAlumna

    VA Work Shifts

    I'm not sure about "intermittent" being a PRN position. My VA doesn't have any on-call/PRN nurses like other hospitals do. When I was a CNA, I had an intermittent position. I had a set FTE, but no benefits.
  3. BadgerAlumna

    Low Census

    At my place of work, they can't force us home once we are there and on the one or two times I can think that half our floor was empty, no one was called at home and given the option of coming in vs. using vacation time. More of than not our unit is less than 4 beds open and we're usually full.
  4. BadgerAlumna

    My coworker was high and got away with it

    I've read through the whole thread to this point and even if the picture of him eating a brownie/gummy/cookie/whatever other food was captioned "Happy 4/20" or whatever it said, that still isn't actually evidence that the food was made with marijuana. If someone is concerned yes, report it, but everything else the OP did after reporting is completely inappropriate.
  5. BadgerAlumna

    Making 100k salary/ income?

    I live in WI in a city with multiple hospitals and with 1.5 years of experience post-residency, my base is ~69,000 (so ~$33/hour). I work full-time and rotating day/night shift (more night than day). With shift differential, holidays, and occasional OT, I hit close to 85,000 this year. It's 100% dependent on location though. People I know in TN are making ~$20/hr with a bachelor degree (new grad) before shift differential.
  6. BadgerAlumna

    Nurses and Kids Going to College?

    As person that took out federal loans (only federal, no private ones) for both of my bachelor degrees at a state university, I don't have a problem with parents not paying for university and instead prioritizing retirement. You can still help your kids out without shouldering that financial burden and giving the student ownership of the cost of education isn't really a terrible idea.
  7. BadgerAlumna

    Do you overspend on luxury items as a nurse?

    My motto is "treat yo' self". I don't live extravagantly, but I pay my bills and set aside money for savings. I still make more than what I need to live, so I don't get too concerned about spending money on nice things. I'm not obsessed with technology, so I don't run out and upgrade my phone, for example, every time a new one is available. But I love high heels and there is a difference between expensive shoes and cheap ones, so I spend money there. And I like to travel . . . it's usually budget travel, but I splash out on nice dinners and a couple of 5 star nights at the end before coming home. It's about what's important to you.
  8. BadgerAlumna

    CNA attire during interview?

    Don't wear scrubs to an interview. Ever. I always wear at a minimum business casual and I even busted out my power suit for my RN interviews. Depending on the facility, you may even find that you don't wear scrubs at work. When I worked at an assisted living memory care unit, we didn't wear scrubs because it was supposed to be more of a home environment.
  9. BadgerAlumna

    army vs airforce vs navy

    I know one person currently working as an Air Force nurse and this person seems to like it. Did the ROTC route. I know another individual that was part of the Army (National Guard or Reserves, can't remember) and this person ended up joining the Navy and loves it. I heard a rumor from another friend in the Army National Guard that there aren't any officer/nurse positions at the moment, but maybe that's just in our duty station area of whatever it's called. To answer another question, the Marines get their healthcare from the Navy nurses. EDIT: I wouldn't say deployments and such with the Navy are always to tropical islands. My cousin has been in both San Diego and Norfolk and is deploying to the Middle East shortly. And I know people that have been in Europe.
  10. BadgerAlumna

    New Nurse With Large Disposable Income

    Pay off your student loans is a big one and set aside for retirement. My personal advice (based on how I feel about life, lol) is to also move out and get your own apartment. Also travel. And don't be afraid to do nice things for yourself. For example, I love theater/Broadway, so I got myself a season ticket package to the performing arts center.
  11. BadgerAlumna

    The Worst Hospital Visitor I've Ever Seen

    Never mind that in most states, I think that constitutes "public sex" if another person is unwillingly present . . . .so it was probably actually a crime.

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