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  1. AN Admin Team

    Millennial Nurses Have Issues

    Thread has been reported by the membership. Please stop with the off-topic remarks. Please stay on topic.
  2. AN Admin Team

    Case Study(CSI): Stomach flu? Anxiety? What’s Going on Here?

    Here are the responses from members who came to the Admin Help Desk to submit their diagnoses for the 3rd Case Study Investigation (CSI). CONGRATULATIONS and DOUBLE THUMBS UP to those with the correct FINAL diagnosis! Thank you to all who participated. We hope you enjoyed the CSI. The next CSI installment is coming very soon! 11/20/19 @JKL33 @RNDarling @FNPDreams 11/21/19 @AceOfHearts<3 @nursej22 @Cowboyardee 11/22/19 @Montucky Murse
  3. AN Admin Team

    Nurses and Bullying: 4 Things You Can Do

    Please let's be civil to one another. Some comments are starting to look like they resemble the topic .... Don't engage. Doesn't usually end well.
  4. AN Admin Team

    Liver problem

    We are sorry, @Lostsoull, Asking these questions is seeking medical advice. You need to pose your questions/concerns to your physician/healthcare provider and/or seek another opinion. We hope things can resolve for you and be healthy. We wish you well.
  5. AN Admin Team

    Medical schools now adding "fluff"

    Note posts removed/edited. Since this discussion has been difficult due to the fact members have issues reading the original Article in the OP AND because the discussion has deteriorated into an unprofessional, one-on-one with personal attacks, Admins are closing this topic.
  6. AN Admin Team

    Classism in the Hospital-MD vs. RN

    Posts have been edited/removed. This is not an ADN vs BSN or PhD vs MD debate. Topic closed for a "time-out".
  7. AN Admin Team

    Thank you

    Thank you for this topic, @Oldmahubbard We have moved the thread to the Nurses in Recovery forum for more exposure.
  8. AN Admin Team

    Frivolous Board of Nursing Complaints

    Hello @mja79 We cannot provide any legal advice. As stated in previous replies, you need to seek the advice of an Attorney. Good luck.
  9. Hello @ramp1234 You have received some good feedback. As stated by JKL33, however, per the Terms of Service of the site you need to seek the proper medical/psych/legal advice from your sons' healthcare providers. We wish you and your son well.
  10. AN Admin Team

    Case Study: My Stomach Hurts

    Here are the responses from members who came to the Admin Help Desk to submit their diagnoses for the 1st Case Study Investigation (CSI). CONGRATULATIONS and THUMBS UP to those with the correct diagnosis! Thank you to all who participated. We hope you enjoyed the CSI. Be on the look out for the next CSI installment coming very soon! 8/29/19 @debrasimons @BlueShoes12 8/30/19 @myfavoritequine @UMBANAT5 8/31/19 @RNTadaaaa @JKL33 @Nursing Educator @RAM @DowntheRiver @Bwolfe1 @bmelissa September 1st @NurseJamillah @Barbeq September 4th @LadyT618 September 14th @Pixie.RN
  11. AN Admin Team

    Patients of gun violence vs others

    Off-topic posts have been edited/removed. This topic has nothing to do with gun control. The topic as stated in the OP: If you want to discuss gun control, etc., you may go to the Break Room. https://allnurses-breakroom.com/
  12. AN Admin Team

    2019-2020 HRSA Nursing Corps Scholarship

    Thread closed for Admin review.
  13. AN Admin Team

    Cleaning patients after bowel movements.

    The threads have been merged for continuity. Let's get off the subject of bullying. (thanks) OP, if you will answer the questions that members ask, it will help them to provide the information you are seeking. You've received several helpful replies and support.
  14. AN Admin Team

    Birth Control and 12 Hour Shifts

    OP, all of the feedback you've received should help point you in the right direction when discussing with your PCP. We'll close this thread now as #1, it is off-topic/non-nursing related and #2, we cannot provide the medical advice you need.
  15. AN Admin Team

    Positive pre-employment drug screen! What will happen?

    Posts have been removed that derailed the thread. Please refrain from personal attacks. Do not make it a personal one-on-one discussion as this derails the thread. Thank you.
  16. AN Admin Team

    CRNA Automation?

    Closed for Admin review.