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  1. keykey0890

    LPN to RN

    Thank you to responding. I'm also looking at Hutchinson, I've learned to never put all your eggs in one basket so I'm planning on applying to Fort Morgan, (even though their program is pretty much M-F, Monday and Fridays is classes and 2-3 days of clinical), Northeastern Junior College (Classes on Tuesday and Wednesday and Clinicals Thursday's and Friday's). I was also considering Pueblo Community College but still waiting to hear back about their program. But like shiftingtides stated there is not many options if your in the Denver metro area unfortunately. I refuse to let that stop me from moving forward with getting my RN.
  2. keykey0890

    LPN to RN

    Hi, I had a question what LPN to RN programs that are accepting students? I'm planning on applying for Fall 2020. Originally I was expecting Front Range Community College but they are not accepting LPN to RN students. And neither is Arapahoe Community College. Now I'm not sure what to do. I heard about Colorado Christian University but its a private college and tuition is $16,467 per semester which I think is outrageous. Any suggestions?
  3. keykey0890

    Interested in knowing atl pay rate

    like the previous person said, it depends on where you work. I've been in ATL for 2 years and I was getting $20/hr at one facility working my behind off in a SNF/Rehab/LTC, and where I'm at now I started off at $17/hr and now I'm at $17.69 almost two years later in a retirement community working on their skilled floor. I have also worked at a assisted living facility PRN making $18.00/hr so it just depends.
  4. keykey0890

    GA License by Endorsement Questions

    I endorsed my license from Oregon. I did do my fingerprints in oregon then sent them to GA Cogentid. There is a form on their website that tells you what to do for people who need to do fingerprinting out of state. The best advice I can give you when endorsing to gerogia is give yourself plenty of time I sent in everything and they recieved it November 2nd 2012, after having to have my program director redo paperwork I didn't get my license until January 31, 2013. So make sure everything is completed and do be thorough when completing it otherwise it could take longer to get your license.
  5. keykey0890

    LPN to RN vs LPN to BSN

    I have about a year experience working with my LPN license and now I'm ready to further my education since my end goal is a masters. I'm stuck on whether to go for my RN first before my BSN or just go straight for my BSN. Any input would be greatly appreciated :)
  6. keykey0890

    my first med pass

    I agree with pinknurse. I started as a CNA and now I'm the med nurse and have been doing it since feburary of this year. The good thing is that you already know the patients which is good and you can use that to your advantage. It'll take time and repitition but you'll get it and you'll get faster =] trust me!

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