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All Content by AleksTheCNA

  1. The nurse I work with is just awful

    Sorry guys, this is going to be a vent. The nurse that works on my unit on my floor is just plain awful. He never answers call lights, even when I'm with other residents, and half the time the call lights are left on for him because he's slow with ...
  2. Workload @ your facility

    I work on the LTC floor of my nursing home. We have 67 residents on the floor and 6 CNA's. 11 residents each and one with 12. I find it unfair that the rehab floor, which is significantly easier, has a round 43 residents, and often 5 or 6 CNA's as...
  3. Anyone ever worked for sunrise assisted living?

    I worked for them about 6 years ago as a care giver, before I had my CNA certification. I don't quite remember much about the hiring process though. I will say that since then, having worked at many other facilities, Sunrise was by far better than ...
  4. hourly wage

    I work at a nursing home in the Chicago suburbs and I make $14.00/hr on weekend evenings, and $13.25 on weekday evenings. I work every weekend to get this specific pay. If I didn't it would be less.
  5. Wearing Rings

    My work allows rings that don't have high settings. My engagement ring has a pressure setting, so I'm not worried about losing the stone, or scratching anyone with it. I also don't have trouble with wearing my ring with gloves. I never take the ri...
  6. Residents and bathing

    I've found that sometimes you have to (politely) let the resident know that they have an unpleasant odor. They might not realize that it's that noticeable to other people, so just bringing it up could change their mind.