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  1. PICCRN79

    Salary range means?

    Although I absolutely agree with you, that is something that I am looking at when I go from being a RN with 12 years of experience ~52.00/hr to an APRN with 0 years of experience ~47.00/hr. With years of experience of course the APRN will outpace the RN, but going from bedside nursing to advanced practice, for the first couple years, I will experience a pay cut.
  2. PICCRN79

    MSN Leadership/Ed or MSN-FNP?

    Not sure what its worth, but remember, you can work in leadership with a FNP, but you can't be a FNP with a MSN in leadership. I have chosen to get my CNS because I want to work in education and or leadership, but with my CNS, there are so many additional opportunities. I used the rule of thumb that as a CNS (APRN) I can be an educator or leader, but with a MSN in leadership and education I will not be a APRN or a CNS.
  3. PICCRN79

    University of South Alabama FNP DNP program?

    Join the USA MSN facebook group and ask the same question, you'll get good answers. I am starting my MSN at USA in May and so far the students that I have talked to have had overwhelmingly positive things to say. Many facebook groups, seems to be a lot of student camaraderie
  4. PICCRN79

    Salary range means?

    I agree that this topic can be very subjective. Clearly making 140+ is necessary just to survive in a place like SF or NYC. Keep in mind, that these NPs making 140+ in these places are not paying 800.00 a month for their home. I am going to school currently to get my CNS, in the state I live in, APRNs all make comparable salaries, except CRNAs of course. Mosr APRNs I know love what they do and are not rolling in dough. This is not a profession you go into for the paycheck as much as for the desire. $$ is certainly more reasonable than nurse educators make, but the newer grad NPs in my facility make less than a RN with 6 years of service (union scale), and NPs who work at the heart clinic at my facility report making much less than we do as RNs.
  5. Agree here. I went to a "no name" local community college and got my ADN. Did a work sponsored RN-BSN (i.e. my BSN costed me a total of $0.00), and am starting my MSN in May. You can do it, make it happen for yourself, just be smart about it. Working to pay student loan debt is a difficult job!!