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    Feeling Pressured

    RN here, been a nurse for 4.5 years and just started training in outpatient dialysis 5 weeks ago. Im feeling pressured by upper staff, asking if I like it and will stay. They told me you either love it or hate it. I don’t hate it, but I’m not 100% sure I love it. I know it takes a lot to train somebody for dialysis. And I understand they don’t want to spend all that time just to have me quit... i really don’t know what kind of nursing I want to do long term. This job just kinda happened! How will I know if it’s for me? When? i haven’t even started canulating yet... hopefully next week... but running a pod of 4 by myself seems overwhelming... thanks!
  2. Hello! I live in Rochester, NY, and have been a nurse for several years. The 2 main hospitals in the area are run by either the University of Rochester, or Rochester Regional Health. I’m wondering if anybody has worked at BOTH, and can say if one is better than the other? Im looking for things like salary, raises, benefits, ability to continue education and get certifications, work environment... thanks!