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Nursing Career Coaching?

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silentwolves has 5 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in Rehabilitation.

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I have been an RN for almost 5 years, most of that working on a Rehab floor in a Nursing Home. I got my BSN last year, and want to expand my skills. 
I tried a job at Dialysis, but it was too physically demanding for me. (I have low back issues from a childhood injury, but never was put on restrictions by a doctor. My feet were in constant pain, despite seeing a podiatrist, having custom orthotics and wearing compression stockings.)
I'm learning that what my brain and heart want as a nurse, my body does not. How do I decide what I want to focus on? I've had lots of suggestions from friends, but none sound like I would be happy with them. Some have been Home Care, Primary Care Office, School Nurse...

I had wanted to work in the OR when I started school, but I doubt I could handle the physicality of the job...
Are there career coaches around that specify in Nursing? It's such a different field than most others!

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Mary a.k.a. tnbutterfly is a BSN, RN and specializes in Peds, Med-Surg, Disaster Nsg, Parish Nsg.

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Yes, there are nursing career coaches. A friend of mine, Keith Carlson (NurseKeith) is a great career coach who has helped many nurses create career strategies.  Check out his website and services offered. 



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