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  1. CaneRN

    BP question

    A asked a question for an assignment a few days ago and everyone was so helpful so I'm hoping for one more. I have an odd (to me anyway) question relating to blood pressure that I'm looking for opinions about. So a patient who is at 28 weeks has a BP of 120/80. However, her initial BP at her first clinic visit at 10 weeks was 112/60. I have 4 choices: Normal as BP increases in the second trimester, Abnormal as BP decreases in the second trimester, Normal as the DBP is less than 90, or Abnormal as the BP should remain at pre-pregnant levels until the third trimester when it decreases. I'm caught between two of them, Abnormal because BP decreases in 2nd and normal because DBP is less than 90, but I'm not sure. Does anyone have any ideas on this? I'd really appreciate any input! Thanks again!
  2. CaneRN

    GPTPAL Question

    Thank you for your comments. So just to clarify, to list the G and G followed by TPAL is redundant or unnecessary? As I listed before I had G4P3T2P1A0L4, but the para is wrong to list or at least not the way I have it? Thank you!
  3. CaneRN

    GPTPAL Question

    I'm really hoping someone can help me out with this. I have an assignment for an OB lecture trying to calculate a Pt's OB history, which I havent had to do in a while and I'm really hoping someone could just tell me if I'm doing this correctly or if I'm misunderstanding something. Q: A Pt in her second trimester comes in for a prenatal visit. This is her 4th pregnancy. She currently has 2 living children delivered at 38 weeks and one set of twins delivered at 36 weeks. This is my assessment: G4 P3 T2 P1 A0 L4 I've been using a few sources to try and check my work, but I keep coming up a number short/high in one or two places. Am I right or wrong? I'd really appreciate some guidance. Thanks so much!
  4. Thank you. Yes, I've been very impressed with what I've read and my interactions with individuals involved with the program. I'm just having some trouble wrapping my brain around the total, haha.
  5. I've been looking at this program a lot and I am glad so many people have given thoughts etc. I know this was brought up previously in the discussion, but for those of you that applied/are in the program, is the cost really justified? Again, I say this as someone who is interested in applying, but ~90k seems to be a lot. I guess I'm trying to decide for myself if that price is a good investment long term when other programs seem to be a good bit less. Maybe it really is that good. I'm not criticizing, just looking for ideas as to why the price is warranted. Of course, cost for one person and the means to go about it are different for everyone. Thanks!
  6. CaneRN

    Jackson hospital or Mount Sinai medical center?

    As someone who had clinicals at Jackson as a student at UM and never having heard good things about Mount Sinai, I'll go with option C
  7. CaneRN

    Housing help please

    Hi all, I recently accepted a position at Dell Seton Medical Center. I'm not from Austin, but I've been a few times over the last few years. I'm going to be out there soon to do my physical/drug screen so I've been looking online for places to live and trying to narrow it down so when I'm there I can check some out in person. For people that live in the area or used to maybe, what are some areas east, west etc. in Austin you might suggest? There seem to be tons of places with all kinds of price ranges. Also, I know traffic is bad, but is it worse heading north, south etc? Being I'm not from the area I'm not sure how that might impact daily travel. Two years ago I lived 8 miles from my hospital is it took 45 minutes to get there so I know simply looking at mileage on a map doesn't mean anything lol. I'll be nights so rush hour is always a consideration. If anyone has any helpful information, options, ideas I would appreciate that very much. Thanks!
  8. CaneRN

    Sebastian/Vero area hospitals

    Hi everyone, I did a search and found some info about hospitals in the area, but the most recent posts were from 2011/2012 so I thought I might try for some more recent info. I am interested in working in the Sebastian/Vero area and I have seen Indian River medical, Sebastian River, and Palm Bay. I was curious if anyone has any info on these hospitals, maybe what they like or don't like, would they recommend them etc. the usual stuff. They all seem to be part of a company called Health First. I'm not familiar with this company either. These three seem to be on the smaller side, which I am interested in as well. I would appreciate any information anyone would be willing to share. Thank you for any responses!
  9. CaneRN

    PhD question

    Before I get into my question, let me say I tried to find the appropriate area to place a question related to PhD nursing, but was unable to locate it. If someone wants to move this post to the correct area, if there is one, please be my guest. I was thinking "specialties", but didn't see anything :/ I have been doing research concerning different programs and areas of focus and I have a few interests, but I've seen the area of pharmacology, more of less, as areas of research for many faculty members at different programs. Pharmacology was my favorite class in undergrad and I've always had an interest in teaching, so this appeals to me on different levels. I am wondering, what other career options does one have with a PhD who made their focus or conducted research in pharmacology? A lof of the other research interests by current faculty at these different institutions have obvious practical applications, along with teaching, but this one is lost on me a bit. I have done searches online on other sites and here, but couldn't seem to find much. Thanks!
  10. CaneRN

    Snoqualmie Hospital?

    I work per diem and my recruiter just told me about opportunities at Snoqualmie hospital. I'm not familiar with this hospital or that particular area of Washington. Does anyone have any experience with that hospital or options about it in general? I looked on the site, but couldn't seem to find anything. I'd like to try and get some information before I accept or decline. Thank you.