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  1. Ivy Tech Lawrence Spring 2016

    Hey everyone ! I was wondering if there is anything we need to bring for orientation on Thursday. Also has anyone else picked up their scrubs yet ? I still haven't gotten a call.
  2. Ivy Tech LPN-ASN Spring 2016

    I made it :))
  3. ISU LPN-BSN Spring 2016

    I got that email and a code but the dropdown menu on the app only has the LPN transcript/prenursing major. It doesn't just say LPN and prompt me for a code
  4. ISU LPN-BSN Spring 2016

    I clicked the link and and I created a new application. It doesn't give me any option other than Lpn transcript evaluation/pre-nursing. There's no just Lpn in the dropdown and it does not prompt me for a code. Can you tell me what you clicked exactly...
  5. ISU LPN-BSN Spring 2016

    I have everything done and ready to go for application. I'm just confused what part of the website to go to.
  6. Ivy Tech LPN-ASN Spring 2016

    Congratulations by the way !!!
  7. Ivy Tech LPN-ASN Spring 2016

    Oops I should have clarified. I have a 75 total teas
  8. Ivy Tech LPN-ASN Spring 2016

    ugh I'm so nervous. I just realized they won't accept my math portion retake from ISU. So this means I'm only working with a 75%.
  9. ISU LPN-BSN Spring 2016

    i'm applying before the october 1st deadline. How do I find the link for the application ?
  10. Ivy Tech LPN-ASN Spring 2016

    I'm applying for transition. They just took aphy 102 out of the admission process. I agree. They make it extremely hard to work around. Luckily, I have everything done. I think you can send emails to individual instructors asking them for admission i...
  11. Ivy Tech LPN-ASN Spring 2016

    I'm applying for Indy Lpn-Asn for the September 1st deadline. Does anyone know how competitive this nursing program is ? I haven't been able to find much information regarding transition. Feel free to chime in :) My Stats: Aphy 101-B+ Psych-A Eng 11-...
  12. ISU Lpn-Bs 2015 Csms Teas

    Hey everyone, I'm starting the ISU program soon. Does anyone have the challenge material or know where I can buy it online ? Also, what MUST you have on your Teas ? I am in the proficient level but I do not meet all Teas "benchmark" numbers.
  13. Online LPN -> BSN

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but ISU's website says you must have 30 credit hours through them. I plan to complete my other non-nursing classes through Ball State. Obviously, I will complete all nursing through ISU. Are the nursing credits alone...
  14. 1. I recently attended nursing orientation at Ivy Tech and I was unaware that the summer semester was mandatory. I usually go home during the summer to my parents' house and work. This poses a significant problem. How many days a week are summer clin...