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  1. Advice on overseas internship/volunteer placements

    Imaginations, Work the World? Really?! I've heard very little good about them, they are actually the first organization where I looked because the prices were reasonable, but they got horrible reviews from everywhere I looked. The organizations I'm l...
  2. Advice on overseas internship/volunteer placements

    The volunteer opportunity is with a group called Inspire (Volunteer Abroad with Inspire | Volunteer Work Abroad ). The placement is for emergency medicine working in both an ED and ambulance or flight nursing. The organization comes highly recommende...
  3. Hello, I am a nursing student in an ADN program. My ultimate goal is to work in Public Health and Epidemiology, specifically working in developing nations. I should note that I have a previous BS in Psychology. My plan to get myself started on this p...
  4. Hello Nurses!!! I am currently in an ADN program and will graduate in December 2013. My program doesn't have classes over the summer, and I want to use those 3 months where I'm not in school to both gain some real world experience as a nurse, and to ...