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Hello Nurses!!!

I am currently in an ADN program and will graduate in December 2013. My program doesn't have classes over the summer, and I want to use those 3 months where I'm not in school to both gain some real world experience as a nurse, and to provide service to a high need area. The places I'm interested in volunteering are Nepal, Kenya, Eritrea, Zambia, Tanzania, Ghana, Morocco, Bhutan, Thailand, or Uganda. However, I would go just about anywhere with the right organization.

My problem is that I cannot find a reputable organization that will take a student nurse, even one in their last quarter, that isn't just a medical tourism company. I am looking to volunteer for 6-8 weeks, which would give me a few weeks to recover and prep for school.

Does anyone know of any reputable organizations to volunteer with for that length of time? I am aware that I will be expected to pay for travel and Room and Board, but I'm not willing to pay the ridiculous fees that places like "Work the World" and "Children's Health International" are charging that are clearly beyond the actual cost of the programs.

I need to get started applying for programs soon, and have been stuck trying to find a volunteer placement. I need all the help you wonderful nurses can provide.

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A family member (who is now a nurse) went to South America but it was coordinated by a school of nursing and the students went under the direct supervision of the nursing school professors. Since it was a mission trip coordinated by the nursing school in conjunction with a religious organization (that was well experienced in medical missions) the stay was about 3 or 4 weeks plus prep and orientation time (so the total commitment was about 6.5 weeks). Most volunteer relief organizations are in search of licensed, experienced nurses who are already credentialed. Have you looked into the Red Cross or Salvation Army?


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Look up Project helping Hands -they take student nurses.