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  1. Thank you. This is what I needed to hear. Two questions: first, is the AECP program the same as the NECP as far as being enlisted for atleast 6 years? Secondly, should I talk to a rotc recruiter and see if I will qualify?
  2. I just did a little research and I decided I want to go active duty. I also seen they have the NECP program but the problem is you can't be an officer. By the time I join I will have a degree thus making me elgible to be a officer. And the program ac...
  3. Hi I am planning on joining the Air Force. I will have my BA in Sociology once I join. I know that can make me a officer but I see that being a officer disqualifies you for the NECP. Should I just enlist without the officer training?
  4. It just seems like so much. but I have no choice, have to figure out a way to pay for this some how. Thanks so much.
  5. Hi everyone I am deeply confused and in desperate need on some insight. First I would like to say I am a senior in college, I'll be receving my B.A. in Sociology. I am a mother of one and an aspiring nurse. Im pretty sure once I graduate there will ...
  6. But what about there waiting list for the program? And it maybe to competitive to get in that way for me.
  7. Hey my fellow and future nurses! I have a huge delima! I am a transfer student who transferred from georgia state university to Cleveland state university. I transferred there because my spouse is from Cleveland and he works out there, so me and my s...
  8. Active Duty Air Force RN Interested in Med School

    Hey I know this has nothing to do with the topic, but I'm a question for dangerous. I am a college student who major in pre-nursing. I have been thinking of joining the Air Force ROTC program. I know I have to give them time in return but how much? A...