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  1. kodacat

    Remote Coaching question

    I have been looking on the specialty career board and cant find any current information on my question. I need help finding a nursing job I can do from home. I cant seem to find any Telehealth type jobs and I feel like I have followed up on a lot of the information and leads I have found on this site, but I would sure love some more ideas. Companies that utilize remote positions? I am an RN/BSN. I have always been interested in health/life coaching and did see a very old post referencing the Duke Integrative Medicine coaching program. But that post was from 2011. Does anyone know anything about this program? It seems like coaching is something I could do from home.
  2. kodacat

    RN to Wellness/Life/Nurse Coach

    Hi guys, I have been a pain management and pre op nurse for the last 6 years and am interested in transitioning into a nurse, health or life coach. With all the education we go through to get our RN/BSN its frustrating to see all the certifications and requirements still needed to become a life coach or really any kind of coach. Does anyone have any suggestions on this? Has anyone made this transition and how did you do it? Any good online programs that dont require tons of time. I just dont want to go back to school and the thought of sitting for another exam is terrifying. I have looked online and am overwhelmed at all the many programs and courses out there for becoming a coach in a million different areas. Please advise me someone.
  3. kodacat

    Tele Nurse question

    I am a Registered nurse with a BSN and have been working in pain management, however, I had to quit about a year ago for family reasons. I am wondering if anyone has heard of any telephone nursing jobs like telephone triage. Something similar to doctors on demand. I thought I remembered something called Ask A Nurse but I cant find anything about it online. I would really like to find something that I could do part time from home but not anything with insurance or case management. I just love the idea of Telehealth but am wondering if its just for docs and not nurses.
  4. I am about to graduate from a BSN program in Dec. and am a much older student with three kids, so I have not worked during school. My concern is that probably 75% of my class has worked as a tech for much of school with jobs already lined up where they work, and I am starting to feel really inadequate and behind. Just listening to them talk and realizing the many skills they have acquired as a tech makes me feel like my skills are few and far between and i'm wondering if anyone is going to want to hire me. If I were hiring, I would prefer someone with experience, but with three kids it has been all I could do to get through this stressful experience. I still get nervous just taking vital signs. I could really use some insight from someone on the other side as to where I stand realistically. I tend to lack confidence and I really feel it is starting to show in my rotations, but I am truly a nice person and believe I could be a good nurse with a patient teacher. I am doing my leadership rotation and am basically still just observing, which is also making me stressed because I fear i'm not doing enough.

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