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RN to Wellness/Life/Nurse Coach

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Hi guys, I have been a pain management and pre op nurse for the last 6 years and am interested in transitioning into a nurse, health or life coach. With all the education we go through to get our RN/BSN its frustrating to see all the certifications and requirements still needed to become a life coach or really any kind of coach. Does anyone have any suggestions on this? Has anyone made this transition and how did you do it? Any good online programs that dont require tons of time. I just dont want to go back to school and the thought of sitting for another exam is terrifying. I have looked online and am overwhelmed at all the many programs and courses out there for becoming a coach in a million different areas. Please advise me someone.

Nurse SMS, MSN, RN

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Have you researched the actual demand for this and employability of it? Usually when there are tons of different options and not a clear path forward, it means lots of people wanting to do it, not a lot of regulation for it and not a lot of actual demand. Before you sink any money or time into this, find out if you can actually make a living doing it.

If you do that and find there is demand, you will have to get the needed certifications. It isn't reasonable to change specialties without doing the work required for it. Research someone who is doing it succesfully and mirror their education/certification.

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Perhaps obtain a CDE certification certified diabetes educator. It qualifies you to do both and makes you more marketable. That exam is hard you’d have to study a lot and juggle a FT job on top of it.

Health coach on the job training mostly. Possibly this very may help? HNB-BC® (Holistic Nurse Baccalaureate Board Certified)

Life coach not much to it anyone can hang a shingle out saying they are a life coach.

best of wishes to you!