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AntelopeTongue has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency.

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  1. AntelopeTongue

    Good grief...I came up Positive

    Still no news?!?
  2. AntelopeTongue

    Identity Crisis

    Thank you for all of the heartfelt replies. Although I'm not a big fan of meetings, the feeling of having support from other nurses who know what I'm going through does make a big difference. I really appreciate that. As some of you have suggested, ...
  3. AntelopeTongue

    Good grief...I came up Positive

    SororAKS, all I can say is that I am so sorry this is happening to you. You are such a great source of wisdom regarding recovery and life in general. Although it probably is not comforting right now (I doubt that much would be) I hope you can take a...
  4. AntelopeTongue

    What's Rude?

    What's rude is when someone posts on allnurses, you respond in a half joking/half advice giving sort of way. And then that person goes bat**** crazy on you! All of a sudden I'm now "flaunting" the fact that I am an RN with a bachelor's degree, I "ha...
  5. AntelopeTongue

    Combative Patients/Body cams/Walkie talkies

    There are obviously bigger issues at hand here. It's clear that no amount of reasoning will get through to you and I promise, you are reading this all wrong.
  6. AntelopeTongue

    Combative Patients/Body cams/Walkie talkies

    I became an RN after I passed the NCLEX, thanks for asking. I am not flaunting anything and this has nothing to do with having a BSN. "I feel like I'll have to hug a angry dementia patient holding a syringe(used or new) as a stabbing weapon" Those ar...
  7. AntelopeTongue

    Combative Patients/Body cams/Walkie talkies

    You cannot possibly be serious with this post. Please tell me it's a joke. You're planning on stabbing patients who have dementia with needles? Oh and thankfully you added the caveat "new or used needle" because yeah, I really would have been left w...
  8. AntelopeTongue

    Identity Crisis

    Thank you!! Seriously. It sounds like,mentally, you totally get where I'm at and I appreciate your feedback. I think it's so awesome that 12 step work is so helpful for many. I just can't get on board and I've really tried. It's just not happening a...
  9. AntelopeTongue

    Identity Crisis

    I don't want to be a Debbie Downer but this may come across that way. Just having a difficult time lately. Sort of an identity crisis maybe. This new clean, sober life.....will I ever really adjust to it? I'm finding myself daydreaming about using an...
  10. AntelopeTongue

    PCA pumps and capnography

    We used it in CVICU with patients on PCA pumps.
  11. AntelopeTongue

    Contracts and the job hunt, oh my......

    Totally agree! Those are not things your employer needs to know at all. They only need to know the parts that may affect your job like the fact that you HAVE to see a counselor (that may mean you need to leave early or something every now and then) b...
  12. AntelopeTongue

    Celebrations of a joyous but quiet type

    Congratulations!! Happy happy day for you, hope you got to celebrate. That is an immense accomplishment and seriously admirable. I can only imagine! í ½í¸Š
  13. AntelopeTongue

    Balsamic Vinegar....

    Thanks for the Costco suggestion! The balsamic vinegar I had wasn't really high end but not really low end either I guess. It doesn't LIST alcohol but, yeah you never know. I was really stressing out but, of course, my test came back negative. Guess ...
  14. AntelopeTongue

    Balsamic Vinegar....

    So, I'm hoping this is a really dumb question with an obvious answer. I'm asking anyways.... Would any of you guys in a monitoring program be worried about consuming balsamic vinegar specifically? I marinated chicken in it last night then grilled it ...
  15. AntelopeTongue

    What gets you through?

    Chocolate. Chocolate helps. Does that count?