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  1. Yeah that's the thing. I will face that same stage once we've applied for it for my husband as well.. Goodluck to us :)
  2. Immigration Requirements for Australia and New Zealand

    Go back home. And if you can, you are free to come back, provided that if you have a multiple visa entry.. But dont dwell on that yet. Start your ahpra application first so you wont be stucked up on your what if's
  3. Immigration Requirements for Australia and New Zealand

    The visa that you will be applying depends on what the school will as you to apply.. Some schools wanted you to have a student visa for 6 mos, some just the 3 mos subclass 600.
  4. Immigration Requirements for Australia and New Zealand

    Yes. That depends on what type of visa you will be having and for how long will you be allowed to stay in Au while job hundting..
  5. Immigration Requirements for Australia and New Zealand

    according to ANMAC's assessment in your work experience, you're under the general nurse category. It will be safe for you to follow their LoDs outcome when you lodge your application to diac.
  6. You can pm me here if you want :)
  7. Guys, chill.. My LoE took me 13 long months of waiting and that happened from sept 2011-oct 2012. It will all come out.. Just pray and be patient to it.. God bless to all of you who are waiting.. :)
  8. nurse in singapore

    Yeah go to nurse registration forum.. Just a piece of advice, don't go to sg as an En or else your yrs of experience will be wasted..
  9. Did you study in davao? You can ask for it in CHED davao.
  10. Immigration Requirements for Australia and New Zealand

    Yes, coz you need it certified.. :)
  11. Just be patient and pray. When you pray, be specific.. :)
  12. I am here in canberra,sponsored directly by a hospital. I applied on my own without the help of any agencies. I applied each and every hospital there are here in aust. Do that in the website, Hope that'll help. God bless and good l...
  13. I doubt that.. I had my telephone interview when i was in the ph.. :)
  14. hello guys.. can somebody enlighten me about the CV required by AHPRA. we're gathering documents for my husband to be assessed by ahpra and i was wondering about the content of the cv. does it still need to have "cases handled", "medications encounte...