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  1. mjntaurus

    How to: Applying for the CGFNS CES

    i was the same as well i went i went to 3 different colleges until i completed my BSN....no you dont have to be detailed whatever school you graduated from with your BSN thats the only school you list unless you went to a different school and completed a different course.
  2. just got approved to take in hawaii....thanks for all the info everyone has given me on here!
  3. dohm28 i sent out my application the 16th of october they said they received my application on the 22nd i haven't gotten anything back from them yet. why was yours so fast?
  4. mjntaurus

    applying for hawaii

    has anyone who graduated from the philippines has recently applied to take the nclex in hawaii. i recently applied in hawaii and still waiting to hear something, ive read comments that it was fast and easy to apply there and it even only took a week before they heard something. Im getting worried on to why i havent heard anything.
  5. mjntaurus

    How to: Applying for the CGFNS CES

    have you ever taken the NCLEX? or is nevada the first state you applied to?
  6. mjntaurus

    Worried about my Hawaii -RN license registration =(

    cgfns already sent out my report how long is the wait after that? are you working in hawaii now?
  7. mjntaurus

    How to: Applying for the CGFNS CES

    what state did you apply for?
  8. im scared now. i haven't heard from hawaii BON yet. my cgfns ces report was sent out on the 18th of October. i still haven't heard from them.
  9. dohm28 did you take your test in hawaii? congrats on passing! was this your first time taking the nclex?
  10. mjntaurus

    How to: Applying for the CGFNS CES

    Silverdragon102 what does it mean when CGFNS post in the status area meets all program requirments and mailed? is that a good thing?
  11. Diel08 i expedited my CGFNS CES on the 15th and sent in my application and payment of $40 to hawaii should i be hearing anything soon? why was yours so fast did you expedite it and how did you know when they received your application and CGFNS CES report?
  12. did you apply already?
  13. i actually just called cgfns and they helped me step by step on how to do it. i would just call them just to make sure. are you going to apply for hawaii?
  14. koai19 i to got denied in california and nevada i applied for hawaii as well now just waiting to hear from them.
  15. mjntaurus

    Fastest state to give/approve eligibility

    ToRpeng.R.N ok thank you so much for the info.