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  1. ericnekia

    Lonestar nursing applicants for spring 2016

    Hello I'm taking the Hesi in August I am applying for LVN and RN for 2016 I have all my pre recs done from my other degree. i just have to re-take 1 of my A&P courses over. Im not from this area but i know some 1 in the RN program now and she said that the RN program is better than the LVN so far. I'm studying now but not worrying about what i score verse what somebody else score because what God has 4 me is whats 4 me. I will get in without a doubt so have faith and put God 1st. Be Blessed!!!!
  2. ericnekia

    RN with 3 year Med/Tele Exp Relocating to Dallas/ Houston

    I just move from Plano my best friend lives in Houston she a ER nurse there.Plano was Great with Good school for kids.It's more exspesive tho. Pay is well I worked at Plano Medical Center but didnt reall like it if you can get into Baylor you will Love It. Frisco is Nice but pricey and so is Allen you cant beat it, I love that outlet there. Texas pays them $$$$$$ better than Florida I just didnt like Texas weather are Traffic=BADDD
  3. ericnekia

    SJRSC in Orange Park

    Anybody applying for St.Johns River State College for Spring 2014. If so have you taken the HESI Test and what was it like. Have you heard any thing Good things about the school.
  4. ericnekia

    Lvn relocating to houston, tx for lvn - rn program

    Praireview in Houston has a LPN to BSN program
  5. ericnekia

    FAMU/Spring 2013

    Hello Im relocating to Tally soon. I was wondering about FAMU Nursing program has anyone heard anything yet. I also wanted to know do the Hospital in that area hire Nurse Extern Student. Is it hard to get into FAMU. I read people got in with 2.8 wow. I still haven't did my Foriegn language classes.Im enroll to do them at TCC during the Fall/Summer term.Any suggestions on teachers for that. Also is the Nursing program there difficult to keep up with. How many days are they in school a week.What kind of question they ask at the interview. What area is quiet and safe I have a teenage daughter. What high schools are good.Please help!!!