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  1. MisRN

    Suicidal Thoughts in School

    Just curious what are your procedures/steps you take when a student (middle or high school age) comes to you (the nurse) and states they've been having suicidal thoughts? Specifically interested in smaller schools who do not have a full time counselor on campus. What role does the school nurse play in maintaining a student's safety? Thanks!
  2. MisRN

    Non-Contact Thermometers?

    This is what I have in my office and when I started several years ago, I noticed that piece was cracked (if it's the end you hold that you're talking about). I threw some "waterproof first aid tape" around it to hold it in place and it's been that way for 4 years. I also purchased a non contact thermometer this year, but really it's for the littles (3-5) year olds who are scared to put the thermometer in their mouth. I could have used it the other day but I forgot I even had it. I don't think they're very accurate.
  3. I am currently a school nurse and am looking to return to cardiac nursing. My background includes ER nursing, PACU nursing, PCU and a couple years on a CHF unit. I reached out to the nursing director of Cardiac services with some questions about what might be available in a couple months and she laid out 3 options. She basically said to let her know what I want and she'd be willing to train me. I'm a bit torn of which way to go between two of the options. (The third is cath-holding and I know what to expect there... I think). The options are between Cath Lab and EP lab. There are things to consider that are job specific too (call, weekend requirements, FT vs PT, etc....) but a better insight to each position is what I'm looking for. What resources (online or in print) would you recommend for brushing up on cardiac rhythms, a/p, etc...? Thanks in advance for your input!
  4. MisRN

    I thought you were being mean, but you were right!

    I regularly tell my students that I don't send home for tummy aches. And especially if they aren't willing to do the things I suggest to help themselves feel better (poop, lay down in the positions I tell them to, eat a snack, drink a ton of water because really- aren't they always dehydrated? lol). Glad you got a resolution quick as you did! Some can be very persistent for days and or weeks. I dealt with a student last year who had retching and sometimes made himself vomit from it. Multiple conversations with mom, many days sent home, and several doctor's visits later (allergist for food allergy testing, pediatric GI office visits, endoscope, and a scheduled regimen of Hyosayamine, etc... ) Finally mom came around to my idea that it was a manifestation of his anxiety, which I had suggested from the beginning. Once he learned that he wasn't being sent home for it, it finally started to subside (knock on wood!).
  5. MisRN

    Pregnant 15 y/o in School

    Just an update on this situation.... First I want to say a huge THANK YOU!!! to all the contributors on this thread and the advice, insight, and information shared! It truly is invaluable! So here's what happened at the meeting.... They came up with a plan on how the teachers should respond when this student was sharing her news with them, which was to refer her to talk to the school counselor and/or me (the school nurse). The administration seemed very intent on getting the student to talk to her dad (whom she lives with) to inform him, almost to the point of pressuring her. I basically told them that this issue is a private medical condition and that really it's up to her and not our business. They seemed to want to use the crutch of "but she's in crisis" in order to push her to tell her dad, to which I reminded them pregnancy is normal. It was because of posts on this thread that I was able to stand up for her and her rights, and not get sucked into the drama. It ended up that she finally was able to take s 2nd test, which was negative. Yay! Now it's a non-issue! Thanks again everyone!
  6. MisRN

    This is a new one

    Oh my goodness, I WISH we had a process that is clearly outlined like this! It's waaaaayyyyy too easy for parents to opt out!
  7. MisRN

    This is a new one

    When I first started as a school nurse, we had a parent who had 3 children and had most of their childhood vaccinations done, but when the baby had a delay in speech, mom stopped all vaccines (see where this is going???). She had the notarized Religious Exemption form done for each of them. When the measles outbreak happened in California a couple years back, she decided to take them for their second MMR. Our administration and the outgoing nurse had been up in arms as to if they were still considered exempt on religious grounds or if this negates it all together. What we learned was that (in Virginia) the laws are so loosely written, that we couldn't enforce anything. She could essentially cherry-pick the vaccines she wanted to have and hide under the guise of "religious" exemption for the ones she didn't. It was so aggravating!
  8. MisRN

    Pregnant 15 y/o in School

    We are a small college-preparatory school with an enrollment of 350 students (PK- 12th grades). I heard that once long before my time, there had been a student who got pregnant, finished that school year, delivered over the summer, and did not re-enroll the following year. I think it's fair to say, we've not dealt with pregnant students before, at least not under the current administration.
  9. MisRN

    Pregnant 15 y/o in School

    Yep, this is one of the issues... She says her period is 2.5 weeks late. She says she took a pregnancy test at home. She says it was positive. She also says she wants to take a second one to confirm it. She has no money to buy another. She has no transportation of her own (she's 15) to get to the Health Department. She has no family in the area other than her dad, whom she's not ready to tell until she gets that 2nd pregnancy test. I'm not sure what the administration are worried about. Possibly all the drama that goes along with 15 year old girls? We are a private independent school so we don't have district policies to refer to.
  10. MisRN

    Pregnant 15 y/o in School

    I agree! I've been stalking these boards when I have questions for the first two years as a school nurse & I think this is an invaluable source of wisdom!
  11. MisRN

    Pregnant 15 y/o in School

    So I can't say that I'm exactly new to school nursing because this is my 3rd school year, but I've been doing it with very little guidance. I am the only nurse at an independent school with student from 3 years old to HS seniors. Typically I try to emulate what the public schools are doing, utilize best practices, stay within scope of practice etc.... Here's my question.... I have a 15 year old student who advised me the other day she just found out she is pregnant. Before confiding in me, she asked if I have to grant her confidentiality, which I told her yes (with some exceptions, but in this case, yes). In talking to her, I found out she also told her 4 or 5 "best friends" and 2 of her teachers, and a former teacher here from elementary grades. (So much for confidentiality!). She has since spoke to our school counselors at my advice. Now the Head of Upper School has requested a meeting with myself, the counselors and the Dean of Students in regards to how to handle the situation (future and current). I'm sure they're concerned how this will affect the other students as well. What do I need to be aware of and careful of during this meeting? I feel like I don't need to tell them any information that pertains to her specifically, but they already know. It's my understanding that the teachers and administrators would probably have called her parents & told them, but I'm not sure if that's happened. When I worked in the Emergency Department previously, a pregnant minor can consent to care and treatment pertaining to her pregnancy without adult guardian, but not for things not related to her pregnancy. Thanks for any input, information, advice, warnings, etc....
  12. MisRN

    Common words use by school nurse

    "Have you pooped?" "How many water bottles have you drank today?" "Did you eat breakfast?" "Does mom/dad know? What did she/he say about it?" - followed by, "Did they give you medicine for it this morning?"