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    Context Based Learning

    CBL is the worst thing which can happen to a student and the best for the teacher..LOL!! i will rather say if the program is CBL based there should be no teachers. I am in a CBL based program in alberta and it is the mother of all evil. the pain is not in finding research, integrating experiences or real life scenarios or in independently directing learning, critical thinking but the most painful task is brain storming. I simply do not understand the logic behind how can we brainstorm on something we have never com across!! but students manage to brainstorm, group most of the time ends up picking some irrelevant topics and missing some relevant ones and it usually involves repetitive topics of research ...another down fall . third downfall is the group dynamics some students present really good research some end up ******* the important topics consequently harming the whole group. I am from south asia and we had PBL in our university backhome but not like what we have here in Alberta in nursing. we had a few workshops like labs and usually got scenarios based on what we had got lectures on..one important thing about the program was very clearly defined objectives, expectations and outcomes and with every lecture we had a baseline idea and in workshops we were so comfortable in applying critical thinking. I like CBL approach as long as it is supplemented by traditional approach..as they say teacher is the guiding light..so teachers are there for a reason and their knowledge and experience should be utilized to build and maximize student potential